NewsTaco's Latino News Roundup: Latino VP Sweepstakes, “Go Back To Mexico,” Predicting Latino Vote

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Obama Goes To Colombia: Should U.S. Latinos Pay Attention?

The chunk of the world that exists on the American continent south of the U.S.-Mexico border is paying close attention. And although it’s not topping the list of Twitter’s #trendingtopics, I think we – the royal U.S. we – should pay attention too.

Latinos Use More Social Media, But With Limits

According to the most recent research Latinos are all over social media; we love it, more than any other ethnic, racial or cultural group in the U.S.   But, while Latinos use social media more, it’s only to an extent – we have our limits.

Texas Sen. Carlos Truan, A Living Legacy

Inside his home base the former state senator’s sometimes tender approach and sometimes hard-hewed politics were well known. Truan died Tuesday in his hometown, Corpus Christi, Texas.

Two Immigrants Gunned Down In Arizona

A truck carrying twenty “Illegal aliens” was intercepted Sunday, April 8th, by “individuals in camouflage uniforms brandishing rifles” in Pima, Arizona.

Santorum's Exit: What it Means For Latinos

That haze you see on the GOP side of the political aisle is the heavy dust settling after Rick Santorum’s announcement that he’s suspending his presidential campaign.

Marlins Manager Suspended Over Castro Comment

The manager of the Miami Marlins Baseball team was suspended for five games after making an offensive comment regarding Fidel Castro in an interview with Time Magazine.

Latino Veep Sweepstakes Is Like Living In A Ranch

Truth be told it’s way too early for the veep selection sweepstakes to enter the general public’s awareness, especially if it’s a new name. If you’re thinking about it in April consider yourself a political geek – and welcome to the club.

What Does "Go Back To Mexico" Really Mean?<

Like so many millions of you, I can’t go back because I’m already here and have been for many generations. But that “go back to Mexico” thinking is emblematic of the same idea that pegged me as a Latino writer, the same thinking that pegs most Latinos as hyphenated Americans: it’s not so much “go back” as it implies “go away.”

The Simple Truth About The GOP And Latino Voters

Technically there are still 2 GOP front runners, Romney and Rick Santorum, and both of them have a big problem to overcome among Latino voters. Now, you can listen to all the usual experts tell you what they think that problem is – most will say it has to do with policy and stances on issues like immigration and voter I.D. and the like. My take is a little different.

Can A New Model Predict The Latino Vote?

A group of political scientists at Latino Decisions have come up with a model to take the guess work out of figuring our how the Latino vote will affect the 2012 presidential election.

What Would Jesus Say About My Gay Son?

Confidential documents from the National Organization for Marriage (NOM), an anti-gay and supposedly faith-based organization, had been released by court order and were published online earlier this week. The internal documents included plans to pit Latinos and Blacks against gays and to use Catholic officials as part of the process. 

Autism Cases On The Rise Among Latino Children

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) says “autism prevalence among Latino children (the number of 8-year-olds identified) increased by 110% between 2002 and 2008, compared with a 70% increase for white children.”


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