VIDEO: “It is thinly veiled Social Darwinism.”

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This is BOR's Video of the Day, or VOTD, our nightly video clip segment that hopefully provides you with a laugh or a chance to think at the end of the day.

Who wants to gut Medicaid and turn Medicare into a voucher program? Who wants to cut financial aid to 10 million college students and slash Head Start? Who wants to cut taxes for the wealthy by $4.6 million while kicking 2 million mothers and their children off a food assistance program?

Republicans do!

Republican Congressman Paul Ryan's budget does all of these horrendous things, and more. It goes so far as to destroy basic civilization in America as anything I've seen in my lifetime. And of course, Republicans in the US House of Representatives passed it, with only 10 Republican members dissenting. Furthermore, Mitt Romney has, as Rachel Maddow puts it, “embraced it as tightly as anyone can embrace anything.” He wants an identical version introduced on the first day of his Presidency!

Well, President Obama disagrees, and made what for him is an extraordinarily strong statement against this Lord of the Flies vision of America's future. Here's President Obama shredding Ryan's budget, and Romney's support for it:

President Obama, more of this, please!

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