NewsTaco's Latino News Roundup: Latino Identity, Latino VEEP Choices, and Obama Sues Sheriff Joe

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Latino vs Hispanic: The Problem Is The Choice

Forty years ago the U.S. Government decided it would build a box to stow all persons who, according to the the Pew study summary, “ trace their roots to Spanish-speaking countries.” The mandate was to use the terms Hispanic or Latino. The problem was that the government decided what the terms would be, decided that the terms would fit, then imposed the terms. 


Walmart Model: Latinos Are Great Hope For U.S. Economy

The way that Latinos are now positioned in the fabric of the U.S. society and economy, if Latinos thrive the U.S. thrives. It really is that simple. And we can take it a step further: the things that will help Latinos thrive will help all other Americans thrive. 


First Republic Of Texas Born 199 Years Ago

 On April 6, 1813, Jose Bernardo Gutierrez de Lara issued the first ever Declaration of Independence against Spainin North America.  Contrary to popular myth, Rev. Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla considered the “Father of Mexican Independence” opposed independence from Spainand thus never issued such a declaration. 


Are LatinosOn GOP VP Short List For Real?

The fact that they’re Latino holds a lot of water in some circles, being that the Latino vote is said to be vital for winning the election in November. But another question pops-up: Will the majority of registered Latino voters cast a vote for Marco Rubio? For Susana Martinez?  


Self Awareness Reveals Not So Subtle Stereotypes

I am an endless string of adjectives that have nothing to do with my ethnicity or race. I am composed of contradictions and paradoxes. One day I might be talking about Chaucer whilst eating Flamin’ Hots until my fingers are stained red.


 Obama Will Sue Sheriff Joe For Violating Latino Civil Rights

The problem is that Arpaio went all-out in his pursuit of the undocumented, egged on by the raucous right wing anti-immigrant echo chamber. He was bound to overstep, somewhere. 





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