Congressional Reader Poll: Who's the Best in CD-14, CD-22, CD-23 and CD-33?

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Who's your preferred Democrat in the hottest Congressional races in Texas?

Last month we published Burnt Orange Report's Guide to Texas's 2012 Congressional Races. We covered all 36 races and all of the filed candidates, and rated the races in terms of their relative hotness. Next up, we ran a BOR reader poll to determine what race y'all think is the hottest here in Texas this year. The candidates in the hottest races would then be put up to a vote of our readers to see which Democrats y'all like best.

The results are in! Our readers chose CD-14, CD-22, CD-23 and CD-33 as the hottest this cycle!

There were two races that our readers clearly think are the hottest in Texas, and those races are also the best pick-up opportunities for Democrats this year: CD-14 and CD-23. Both have Democratic primaries as well. Additionally, there was strong support for two important Democratic primary races this year: CD-22, where KP George is running to beat last year's Democratic nominee, LaRouchie Ke$ha Rogers, and CD-33, where a broad field of Democrats are running for a new minority-opportunity district in the Metroplex.

Now let's see which Democratic candidates BOR readers prefer!

Vote in one, some, or all of the polls below. This poll will run through midnight next Thursday, April 12th. Repeat votes from the same email address will not be counted.

About these races:

    CD-14: Two Democrats vie for the chance to take on the winner of a 10-way Republican primary that won't be decided until July 31. Lampson is a former Representative who was gerrymandered out by Tom DeLay's mid-decade redistricting. This is an open seat, as Ron Paul is retiring.

    CD-22: Last cycle the SDEC passed a special resolution to free Democratic entities from supporting Rogers, a LaRouchie who has called for Obama's impeachment. This year KP George tries to prevent Rogers from even making the ballot. The winner takes on Republican incumbent Pete Olson in the general.

    CD-23: Who is the best challenger to take on Republican incumbent Quico Canseco in this sprawling South Texas district? Candidates are John Bustamante, son of a former Congressman; State Rep. Pete Gallego; and former Congressman Ciro Rodriguez.

    CD-33: This minority-opportunity district spans Tarrant and Dallas Counties, and will definitely go Blue this November. Thus, it's all about the primary in this 11-way race.

Need more information on these races? Check out our guide to Texas's 2012 congressional races.


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