Texas Should Support New Standards for Global Warming Pollution

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There's some good news coming out of Washington this week. President Obama's administration is proposing new standards that would — for the first time ever — limit the industrial carbon pollution from power plants that contributes to global warming.

The EPA's new clean air safeguards will help improve the quality of our air and protect our children's health, while also helping to spark new innovations in clean energy technologies.  

Before the EPA can finalize these new standards, they are accepting comments from the general public.

Left unchecked, global warming pollution will drive up temperatures, threatening coastal communities, worsening smog pollution and triggering more asthma attacks, especially in children and seniors.  That's why doctors, nurses, scientists, public health experts and groups like the American Lung Association support the EPA's new standards.

For Texas, these new standards are especially good news as Texas is a leader in carbon-polluting coal plants.  Citizens in Matagorda County, Corpus Christi, and elsewhere are fighting new coal plants that Texans do not want or need.  Not only do these plants contribute to global warming, they are a drain on scarce water resources and do not contribute to state revenues through severance taxes.  Texas has an abundance of energy resources which are cleaner than coal and can provide power to our growing population.

Requiring dirty power plants to reduce carbon pollution is a critical step for Texas, not only in our efforts to address global warming but also because this move will create green jobs in a growing clean energy economy. Big polluters aren't going to do this on their own; so, make your voice heard on this issue today!

It's important the EPA hear from Texans in support of these new standards.

The Texas League of Conservation Voters will help you deliver your comments to support the agency's move.

Use this link to make your voice heard: https://secure3.convio.net/lcv…


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