Texas Senate Showdown: Cruz Releases First TV Ad, “Delivers”

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Today, Senate candidate Ted Cruz released “Delivers,” his first television ad.

The ad highlights Cruz's record as Texas Solicitor General, touting him as a “conservative fighter” who won't “cut deals.” In the process, the ad race baits against Mexicans, fear mongers, and laughably misrepresents Ted Cruz's intentions. Not that any of that will bother a Republican audience.

The Cruz campaign is spending about $222,000 over 4 weeks to air the ad on Fox News, National Journal reports.

Here's a breakdown of what the ad actually means, line for line.

What Cruz Ad Says
What Cruz Ad Means
“When the UN and World Court overruled a Texas jury's verdict to execute an illegal alien for raping and murdering two teenage girls, Ted Cruz fought all the way to the Supreme Court, and he delivered.” Mexicans are scary. They're also rapists. Ted Cruz makes sure they get killed, so forget his last name and vote hate in 2012.
“Politicians from both parties have broken promises, driven us to the brink of bankruptcy, and failed to secure the border. Politicians cut deals; principled conservatives deliver.” Be afraid. Be very afraid. Ted Cruz is a diamond in the rough, trust us. Ignore the fact that his policies are the exact same as the rest of his party.
“Ted Cruz: a proven conservative fighter who delivers. Choose Cruz for U.S. Senate.” Pick one of these tag lines and try to remember it. Do it. Big business wants you to.

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Ben Sherman has been a BOR staff writer since 2011. A graduate of the University of Texas, Ben has worked on campaigns, in political consulting, and has written for other news outlets like Think Progress. Ben considers campaign finance reform the fundamental challenge of our time because it distorts almost every other issue in American politics.

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