Stand Up Men

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Stand up, men, women's contraception is our contraception too. The assault on women's health care by the Misogynistic Armies of the Right is an assault on men as well. Think about it. If Rush Limbaugh called your wife or girlfriend a slut, wouldn't you want to break his nose? In a sense, that's what he's done, and it's time we recognized our moral and political responsibility.

Jim Moore and I co-authored a piece on this subject this morning at Huffington Post, “Where the Boys Aren't.” We included a new ad, “Stand Up Men.”

Rick Perry is busy claiming that he's gonna find a way to fund the Women's Health Program while keeping up his aggressive attacks on Planned Parenthood. It's a dodge, of course. Perry and his cronies have already cut 70 percent of family planning money in Texas. Planned Parenthood is the only source of health care for tens of thousands of Texas women. In a sense, women are being sacrificed to promote a barbaric ideology that makes women second class citizens.

It won't be enough, though, to just make our argument and move on. The Right won't stop their attacks. That much ought to be obvious. Sometimes we think our arguments are so just and rational that when we make them all thinking people will simply agree. Doesn't work that way. If voters are going to hear our point of view, we're going to have to speak just as loudly as the Right. So step up, stand up, and tell Rick Perry to shut up.


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