NewsTaco's Latino News Roundup: The Alamo, Voting, Protests, Tattoos, Chavez, Latinas and More

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What Really Happened At The Alamo On March 6, 1836 – In movies and TV programs, the Mexican soldiers who participated in assaulting the Alamo on March 6, 1836, are always depicted in clean, almost new, beautiful uniforms. But there's a lot more to what really happened at The Alamo.

Registering Young Latinos Key To Electoral Change In 2012 – Every month approximately 50,000 Latinos turn 18 and become eligible to vote – that's nearly 600,000 new eligible Latino voters each year.

Latinos Engage In Protests More Than Other Groups – Latinos are more likely to engage in political protests and other groups, while at the same time that Latinos are less likely than other groups to engage in the electoral process.

It's Time For All Of Us To Move Past SB 1070 – The recent decision by U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton to uphold the constitutional rights of day laborers in Arizona and block the implementation of part of the SB1070 law that sought to make it illegal to seek work in public, is a victory for the immigrant rights movement

Latinos With Tattoos Seek To Represent Their Culture – While for many Latinos of older generations, tattoos have traditionally been associated with criminals or undesirables, for younger generations that are increasingly mainstreaming, getting a tattoo has become something of a right of passage.

My Memories Of Cesar Chavez, And How His Spirit Lives On – I know Cesar would prefer I write about La Causa rather than about him, but I believe it is very important for people to know the real Cesar. He was just an ordinary man in extraordinary circumstances. He was a plain-spoken, unassuming leader who had a great deal of common sense and a practical approach to dealing with issues.

Republicans Should Zero In On Latina Moms In 2012 – It's the Latina moms that can instill Republican values in our children.

Will Immigration Matter In November? – The GOP is making a strategic gamble that immigration will not be a decisive factor in the Latino vote and in many ways they are correct.

Are Latinos Going To Start “Passing” As White?  – Will Latinos start self identifying as white, foregoing their culture or language, and remembering their heritage primarily via eagle and serpent tattoos on Cinco de Mayo?

Latina Filmmakers Shine In Boyle Heights Film Fest – The 6th Annual Boyle Heights Latina Independent Film Extravaganza (BHLIFE) kicked off with three films by strong Latina actors-turned-directors: “kAyLIEN” by Zoe Saldaña, “A Proper Send-Off” by Eva Longoria, and “California Romanza” by Eva Mendes.


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