NewsTaco's Latino News Roundup: Mexico, Oil, Deportations, Voter ID, Marriage, Arizona and Internet

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Texas Teacher To Latino Student: “Go Back To Mexico” – There is no good end to this story. The best thing that the administrators at the Arlington ISD can do is put an end to the problem and decide Bunn's future, before the controversy grows too big to handle.

Protesters To Big Oil: Don't Mess With Texas – In Texas, landowners are locking arms to fight would-be pipeline builder TransCanada over eminent domain cases that may determine where the 1700-mile project will be built.

When The Drug Cartels Are The Guys Down The Street – Violence, I must admit, is taking over the southernmost part of Texas. Here in the Rio Grande Valley we have grown accustomed to it. Sad, but true, we seem to have turned numb to the horrible escalating violence. But who can blame us?

CA Apology To Deported Mexican Americans 80 Years Too Late – During the Great Depression, 400,000 U.S. citizens and legal residents were removed from California alone, their property seized and sold to pay for their removal. For almost 80 years the fact has simmered, dried and been forgotten, until this week, when what little could be done, was done.

Voter ID Laws Place The Rights Of Americans Under Attack – The 14th Amendment to the Constitution forbids any state to infringe on “the right to vote” for any citizen. But that right is under attack.

Romney's “Self-Deportation” Policy Is No Joke – “Self-deportation” is no joke. It amounts to laws that harm undocumented immigrants and Latinos.

Latinos, Asians Have Highest Rates Of Intermarriage – Asians have the highest rates of intermarriage, a little more than three-times that of whites, with 28% and 9% respectively.  Latinos are second marrying out with 26% with blacks at 17%.

Arizona To Create An “Armed Militia” Along Its Border – Arizona is at it again: a new bill aims to place an “armed militia” on the national border between Arizona and Mexico.

The Next Online Explosion: Original Latino Web Series – The entertainment industry has been quickly changing to embrace content created for online consumption, and leading the charge has been a group of innovative new generation Latino pioneers creating original web series directly targeted at their own demographic.

Facebook Allows Advertisers To Target Latinos – Facebook is now allowing its advertisers to select their targeting based on ethnicity – specifically Latinos.


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