How Much do US Senators Cost? (Oil & Gas)

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NOT MUCH…? What's perhaps most amazing about today's Oil & Gas lobby is how little the industry spends in Washington given its wealth and profit. http://chrissearles.blogspot.c… On Jan. 30 the Keystone XL Pipeline was (re-)introduced to the US federal government as a Congressional issue. This reintroduction of the KXL issue was co-sponsored by 44 US Senators. tells us these 44 Senators have received $22.3 million in campaign contributions from O&G companies since 1989. That averages out over the last 22 years to just $23,037.19 per Senator, per year.

The Keystone XL Pipeline would transfer +2 Trillion barrels of Bitumen crude oil from Alberta, Canada to America's refineries region (Houston / Louisiana area). The KXL resource has 8x more oil than Saudi Arabia (currently the world's largest resource) and is 1.5x more polluting per gallon.… In 2011, Exxon earned about $5 million in profit, per hour:


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