Travis County Democratic Primary Fundraising Report

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While the data from this report is about a month old, I thought it would still be useful for this information to be compiled and printed in one place. And given that the Democratic primary is now on May 29th at the earliest, it may be useful to compare which campaigns are best prepared for the long haul and extra costs of running an extended campaign. For more on that topic, check back in a couple hours for Katherine's post on how the late primary is affecting campaigns.

All numbers are cited from linked reports. If you cannot see the table below, click here.

*Maria Conchola's finance report was questioned by the Pedraza campaign in an email to Burnt Orange Report. In question, her inclusion of in-kind contributions as applied towards calculating her cash-on-hand number. When asked about the issue, the Conchola campaign responded that the number was mis-stated and should have been between $2,000-$3,000. The Texas Ethics Commission has directed campaigns and PACs to calculate their COH number as simply the amount of cash in one's bank account on the last day of the reporting period.


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