TX 20 and TX 21 candidates show their stuff at Northeast Bexar County Democrats forum

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With the retirement of Charlie Gonzales TX 20 Joaquin Castro looked like a shoe in, but at the Northeast Bexar County Democrats meeting Saturday Ezra Johnson http://www.ezraforcongress.com/ showed why that hasn't been the case since he announced his candidacy. Johnson was certainly the most dynamic and animated candidate from any district represented and the “fire in his belly” delivery won enthusiastic applause. Ezra spoke of having the courage of his convictions and when he was done I believed him. Johnson's top issues included comprehensive immigration reform, strengthening social security and Medicare without shrinking benefits, taking care of our veterans as they justly deserve and getting our economy back on its feet.

Joaquin Castro put on his usual smooth performance and spoke about his success in getting things done even when in the deep minority in the legislature. Other attendees I spoke to found Ezra's delivery as refreshing as I did. While I don't have a horse in that race I'll be watching it carefully and I'm going to find it difficult not to be disappointed if Johnson doesn't pull of what the conventional wisdom would call an upset victory.

As the SDEC Committeeman for SD-25 I try to keep an eye on what's going on in the major races in the area but I was surprised when out of the blue I had the opportunity to meet a terrific woman who has taken it upon herself to challenge the odious Lamar Smith in TX 21. That woman is Candace Duvál http://www.candaceduval.com/ and she too has the fire inside her. She's another truly progressive candidate and she's willing to go toe to toe with anyone to bring fairness and justice to Texans and all Americans. Candace focused on the need to protect our environment through green initiatives and renewable, sustainable energy projects.

Candace is running a grassroots campaign just like Ezra Johnson and she can use both your financial and shoe leather support. If you're a Central Texas progressive I urge you to give them both a look.

Central Texas has some really great Democratic candidates and I can't wait for November.


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  1. Great Coverage of Primary Races
    Love the great reporting from these candidate forums.  Thanks for the great comments about Candace Duval.  She has been working the whole district and getting a great response.  

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