TX 35 candidates vy for support of Northeast Bexar County Democrats

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Today's Northeast Bexar County Democrats meeting was a forum for congressional candidates and the TX 35 race was the most hotly contested with 3 candidates. Patrick Shearer made a strong case for his candidacy and the need for a progressive who will not just vote the right way but who will be a real leader.

The club members seemed genuinely enthusiastic about his candidacy and one attendee told me that Patrick is just the kind of congressman the district deserves. That same person, a Hispanic male, was disappointed in Sylvia Romo whose case for her candidacy was largely “this district was drawn as a minority district and I'm a Latina, I represent diversity.”Ciro Rodriguez was defensive when called out for his votes in favor of the Stupak “coat hanger” amendment to the health care reform bill and his vote against the bailout of the US auto industry that saved tens of thousands of well paying union jobs, American jobs. His defense for Stupak was that it isn't any different than the existing Hyde Amendment preventing federal funding for abortions which isn't really true and if it was then there was no need for Stupak in the first place. His defense for voting against American union jobs was non-existent, he just said he was proud to have voted against the bailout. Ciro blustered as if to say “How dare you call me out on those votes!” His defense seemed to fall on largely deaf ears judging by the audience response.

Patrick Shearer showed that he is a committed progressive and received a strong round of applause that I take to be an indication that he connected with most of the membership in attendance. I look forward to the final maps and the real start of the campaign.


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  1. Good recap
    Sorry I missed it. In Austin for a conference but it's going to be an interesting race, depending on how the maps play out. I'm really curious how the court treats the 35th. Both the MALC and MALDEF maps create a favorable 25th for Doggett. Of course we know how the 82nd treated Doggett in the 25th, forcing him to shift down to the 35th. Interestingly the LULAC/NAACP doesn't even create a 35th in the south central Texas area so I can't speak to their position.

    It's pretty obvious there will be a 35th in the south central Texas area. The question is going to be what happens with the 25th. Even if southeastern Travis is brought into the 35th (all three – 82nd, MALC, and MALDEF) pull it into the district, if the court favors the MALC and MALDEF plans Doggett will most likely stay in the 25th.

    A lot of unknowns which makes this Texas primary one crazy period.

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