Obama Campaign Touts Job Chart

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The Obama campaign sent out this email to supporters today, highlighting the clear upward trajectory of job growth during Obama's presidency.

Of course, the Republicans are dismissing the positive growth, which makes it all the more important to share this chart with your friends.

SUBJECT: Seen our jobs chart?

On Friday, the new monthly jobs numbers came out. We've officially had 23 consecutive months of private-sector job growth, and seen 3.7 million private-sector jobs created under this President.

In response to the news, Mitt Romney cynically claimed President Obama has “prevented a true economic recovery.” He's even falsely said President Obama “has not created any new jobs,” and told ABC News earlier this year that the President has “lost 2 million jobs.”

The Republican candidates are banking on people not knowing the truth about the President's record.

We need to get the facts out there — so we put together this chart where you can Facebook it, tweet it, or send it on a postcard for free.

Click here to share it to your friends and family who need to see it — this literally takes two minutes.

Tens of thousands of supporters have already shared this jobs chart online. Now, we want to make sure it's out there in the offline world, too — in people's hands, on their refrigerators, or on a message board in a public library. You can share it either way.

We still have a long way to go, and this month's numbers are just a snapshot in time. But stats like this shouldn't be missed.

Make sure people know the truth about the President's record on jobs — spread the word to your friends today:




Stephanie Cutter

Deputy Campaign Manager

Obama for America


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