Remember the Crawford Five – Or How to Fight City Hall and Preserve the Constitution

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“Texas towns have a tradition of turning their dislikes into city ordinances,” wrote the late great Molly Ivins and her co-author Lou Dubose, Editor of the Washington Spectator. “But the extent to which Crawford would go to shield the president from all dissent was extreme even by the standards of the Great State.”

In Chapter Two of their book, Bill of Wrongs, Ivins and Dubose spin the tall Texas tale of the Crawford Five, who fought for their right to display dissent in the semi-adopted home town of the President of the United States.

“Two years after Bush took office, Crawford's protective bubble for the president was challenged, putting the Constitution to a test before a Texas jury that was a sure bet to pick order over law.'”

Crawford Five on YouTube…

Following the May, 2003 arrest of four anti-war protesters and “a long-haired man who had walked down the street from the Crawford 'Peace House,'” the busted activists called upon legal assistance from TCRP Director Jim Harrington and a trial was convened at the Crawford city auditorium.

Read how a civil rights lawyer and five grassroots Texas activists — “a church secretary, a middle school teacher, an AmeriCorps volunteer, and employee for the nonprofit Texas Criminal Justice Coalition, and a Crawford peace activist'” — all made history as they fought City Hall and defended our Constitutional Rights to assemble and speak free.

Read “A Zone of Their Own”

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