There's a real progressive running in CD 35

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Patrick Shearer, candidate for US Congress in district 35 spoke to the Dem's Café Wednesday evening, the democratic club in Schertz/Cibolo. The members in attendance were sufficiently impressed with him that we all signed his petition for a place on the primary ballot which would allow him to save the $3000 filing fee and use those funds for campaigning instead. Given that his is a grassroots campaign he'll need every penny he can get.

We asked Mr. Shearer about his positions on various issues and he kindly responded to all of them, this is my interpretation of his answers as I of course can't speak for him.He is supportive of all the topics below:

choice and contraception are women's rights

separation of church and state is firmly established in the constitution

repeal the Defense of Marriage Act/Marriage Equality

protecting the health care reform bill

staying out of a war with Iran

jobs creation

efforts to prevent global climate change

green energy

labor, the right to organize and collective bargaining

addressing income inequality and the rich paying their fair share

indefinite military detention without judicial review is unconstitutional

His views on the following were more nuanced and deserve explanation:

The “War on Drugs” / marijuana legalization – he hasn't thought about it much but does believe that the issue needs to be addressed, he accepts that he needs further education on the topic

Banking reform – believes tougher regulation and improved visibility of the underlying loan instruments would go a long way to addressing this problem

Citizens United – needs to be addressed but he believes a constitutional amendment may be too difficult to achieve and take too long

Excerpt from his bio:

I'm a community leader. I speak fluent Spanish. I've been active in the community serving as President of the the Southtown Economic Development Board. I was appointed by San Antonio City Council to serve on the VIA Transportation Community Advisory Council to help create the area's long-term public transportation master plan. I've been involved with working on urban redevelopment projects and my passion is helping small businesses and creating economic development opportunities in our region.

In 2010, I was invited to accompany the City of San Antonio official delegation to Shanghai China, to begin developing relationships to bring new firms to the area. We have had some great recent successes, such as the Toyota and the Caterpillar plants and a new Texas A&M San Antonio Campus, but we need to build on these hubs to continue to bring new investment and jobs to South Texas. I received my MBA in International Business, and I think that working to enact fair trade policies and cooperating with international firms can play an important role in our nation's economic development.

Here's his full bio http://www.democracyforamerica…

You can also add your support for Patrick Shearer on the DFA website where they'll endorse him if he accumulates enough supporters their so please follow this link and register your support. http://www.democracyforamerica…


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