President Obama Releases First TV Spot For 2012 Campaign

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Barack Obama's first TV ad of the election cycle highlights his record on ethics and energy policy.  Despite Republican claims to the contrary, his record is extremely strong in these areas:

  • Over the last four years, US dependence on foreign oil has dipped below 50% of our total consumption for the first time this century.

  • US natural gas production has skyrocketed to historic levels.

  • Investment in sustainable energy research has created 2.7 million jobs under this administration.

  • Unlike certain former Presidents, Obama has not been a lackey of the oil and gas industry, and has taken strong steps to ensure offshore drilling is safe in the wake of the Deepwater Horizon disaster, and most recently shut down the dangerous Keystone XL pipeline

Watch the ad for yourself here:

For more on Obama’s energy record check out  


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