Who Is Watching Who And Do They Know What They Are Doing?

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Much to the surprise of those that dream while sleeping, many people do not dream or recall dreaming while they sleep, not even once in their entire lives! Dreaming is a human activity that most people take for granted as if everyone can dream. If dreams are something that some people can see and others do not, then dreaming is something that dwells in the peripheral blind spot of social invisibility.  Could it be that there is an everyday ordinary common god, as close as the invisible nose on your invisible face, working miracles in your life?

Dreams have a deeper meaning for clairvoyants such as myself because we see visualizations in our mind's eye while sleeping and awake. A clairvoyant is person who sees things clearly in their minds eye, as they are; sometimes with vivid startling accuracy the Greeks coined the logos or the known. It is unclear if the ability of perception is from the normal senses, psychic abilities, or spiritual epitome.

Clairvoyants rarely reveal their experiences unless the disclosure would be beneficial or helpful to others. There are the unscrupulous clairvoyants and the fakers that use the idea of clairvoyance abilities for selfless reasons that give us all a bad name. Then there is the innocent who believe they have God given talents, which they may; however, do not know what they are doing when they are looking for a lost child and the whole world turns to them for help after exhausting all other alternatives, only to be discouraged by failure and disbelief.

Lastly, Clairvoyance is not always the case a specialized profession such as murder solving, people finding, or gold digging enterprises.  In more cases than not, the clairvoyant that is open and clear of negativity at the time of need is the medium of choice; be it a matter of physics or divine intervention.

We are easy to identify. We are the people that stand in front of an elevator button and seem to debating if the up arrow means up and the down arrow means down. We compensate our trans-personalities by way of diversion to a trivial task not wanting people to know that our consciousness has shifted to a higher idea. I have never met a Clairvoyant that was trained the art and many notice they can see thing others cannot as early or earlier than three years of age. Many retain conceptions or memories of existence before conception or entering the human body at birth!

A well-practiced clairvoyant may dwell in the state as often as they can for enjoyment, enlightenment, or to help someone in need. Have you ever heard of the “Absent minded Professor?” Sometimes psychologist misdiagnosis the ability as Attention Deficit Disorder when in fact a clairvoyant can do multiple task of focus at the same time without compensating the accuracy of any of the task performed!

Unfortunately, behavioral scientist ignore the fact that some clairvoyants can take a peek into the future, visualize an eminent threat, and know instinctively when someone has their attention on them or looking at them even when the observation is done remotely by a camera or even a satellite.

Police will use clairvoyants to help with an investigation when all other scientific investigative means have failed and have about a 50/50 percent accuracy rate basically because they cannot measure the clairvoyants capabilities and use those that do not know how to use the art but believe they have special God given talents they really do not possess or know how to use.

In my case, dreaming while my body is asleep at the wheel is the best time to catch up on the adversaries or evil people that try to bring harm to just your everyday ordinary mystic like myself.

I have had a real hard time with the new anti-terrorist domestic surveillance program put into place years ago by congress with good intent to keep us safer; however, the police investigative strategies look for reasonable suspicious acts and nothing is more suspicious looking than a clairvoyant under hyper-surveillance because once a clairvoyant is a surveillance  target, we start to behave in a way that we know someone is watching  even though we are quite innocent of wrong doing are least harmless to others and dwell in the side lines or well outside terrorist threats.

Most troubling, once you are a target of interest, the information can never be erased or dismissed or expunged. This is bad for the wrongly accused but it is equally troublesome for accurate intelligence analysis having floaters bog the system as alerts that take attention away from real threats. The same can be said for those that have been targeted for political reasons as threats to make it easier on a politician or political special interest group.

It is my belief that most terrorist are not born terrorist, they are transformed into terrorist by pure hatred  and intolerance based on the way the rest of the world acts!

Who can argue against the theory that we all act in a way that is predictable? Don't we all stand in the bank beyond the cord ropes, and stand well beyond the red line on the floor without the need of instruction; however, it is a grave error to think that any particular behavior has a predictable reaction.

This is why the Behavioral Sciences will always be an art form; especially if they exclude profiles they do not  understand by the method of scientific observation and dump the prognosis in a category of the paranormal which  is an area of behavior that cannot be observed and rides in the blind spot of social invisibility.

This is why Mystics that operate alone or along with a group are weary and in some cases angry with U.S. persistent failure to protect individual rights of privacy, leaving many of the few finest of citizens whom act in a way outside of the norm as targets of domestic surveillance.

Domestic surveillance if use correctly, is a helpful law enforcement tool; however, it is the point when the surveillance leaves the general population and focuses on a specific target when things go a wire and resources are placed on people who would do no harm and taken away from those that are real threats.

Additionally, the contracting of private firms in 2008 by U.S. intelligence, even if the employees are sworn law enforcement officers, compound the problem because they are paid and rewarded  for intelligence, any intelligence if it is useful are just a report that waste valuable resources and time with total disregard to harm to the subjects of the report.

These people are easy to identify such as John Ashcroft, who is constantly trying to figure out what the term 'ethics' means or what place it has in National Security such as the Nazis wondered during World War II. We would all be speaking German if the principals of ethics were the basis of German diplomacy and tactical maneuvers of the last global conflict.

Chinese intelligence systems as well as other countries do a better job with surveillance because the people know that as long as you are in the band of the general public under surveillance, than you are relativity safe from privacy intrusion and free to move about freely without fear.

I know this because while living in China, the safest country I know of and I have lived in most, I observed that the police have a good working relationship with the populace and often will complain of two much information that leaves them blindsided to real threats of social invisibility. The same can be said of Italy where the local officer's patrol the communities in which they live, play, and worship.

In America we can say, “nothing changes but the meaning of law” and are economic down fall began many years ago by financing the DEA with resources for a dual mission, attacking drug violations at the street level instead of the source and domestic surveillance in the interest and protection against terrorist threats such as the attack on New York on September 11, 2001.

We like to believe that justice is blind; however, there is no finer judge who lives in a community where the whole town knows of something  less than appropriate behavior practiced by the local judge. A paragraph from ” A History of La Salle County” 1856-1975 authored by Annette Martin Ludeman shows that at least in Texas, nothing changes but the meaning of law as follows in the month of December, 1886 La Salle County Texas:

“There was a jury inquest inquiring into the cause of the death of C.B. McKinney conducted by Judge Harwood. During the inquest Judge Hardwood was taken very ill and died within five hours. Judge Hardwood's mind was heavily taxed in conducting the inquest and having previously contracted the habit of eating morphine, in a moment of hurry and excitement took and overdose of the drug which cause his death.” This of course added more grief and sorrow to the already grief stricken little community.”

In today's world, the murderer would be illegible for the position of Judge or Texas Ranger and the Judge would be considered a harden criminal and drug dealer. I am not saying that the DEA has recruited criminals, but the dual task of enforcing equal and harsh penalties along with the billions of dollars of resources on drug users as well as terrorists jeopardizes our National Security.

The DEA should not be in the business of Anti-Terrorism Domestic Surveillance! The Department should be focused on the source of drugs and exterminating the source before drugs exterminate all the citizens of America! The Agency need look no future then the Drug Enforcement Agency itself to get a good head start at eliminating fifty-percent of the problem embedded as DEA Drug Lords that feed off of Federal Funding. Maricopa County, Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Texas Governor Rick Perry are very good examples of extracting Federal Funds for state sponsored drug and human trafficking operations.

A good departmental split right down the middle of their dual mission and budget would save money, protect the innocent, and keep us safer.  The other half of their budget should be invested in Homeland security and first responders!

First Responders are seldom members of law enforcement, usually a common citizen in the right place at the right time that reports to an awake and alert member of law enforcement. Yes, many times law enforcement personnel are first responders because they are also citizens living in our communities. A cash reward and honorable citizens citation system has work best in the United States sense the conception of the constitution.

We see a break down in communications that is the cause of major security breaches after the application of the 911 Patriot Act and the fleecing of America by law enforcement personnel incorporating private security firms.  Citizens today find it almost impossible to report incidents to law enforcement because of a false sense or false belief of omniscience intelligence sold to the public by private security firms.

Lastly, the Chinese intelligence agencies and police have a true respect for individual privacy that naturally leads to respect to the police; otherwise, a country or State can become a police State overnight if surveillance is not regulated and used for political adversaries, criminal activity, or retaliation.

In the United States, the state of Texas has world recognition during these troubling times as a bona fide police state, led by a treasonous dictating tyrant, but let's don't make the mistake of blaming the situation on the police and professional law enforcement.

Any human behavior ethnology can be taken out of context just to give due cause of suspicion, producing a false report that can encourage a public hanging without a need of due process or trial of innocent law abiding citizens.

Attention is a very powerful thing when it is focus on an individual if just from a resentful person or a woman in scorn. So it is the case that most people are clairvoyant in some degree or another but don't practice the art correctly or use it to bring ill tidings to others. The modus operandi of a clairvoyant is strangely enough their biggest enemies their own attention and or the focus of attention by others.

by I am just your everyday ordinary common mystic G N O'Dell 01/13/2011

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