On Perry's Trail: Jan. 10 – 11

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Bad News Hampshire

.07%. That's the percentage of New Hampshire Republican voters who supported Perry in yesterday's primary.

That's a total of 1,766 voters.

The Texas College Democrats are aiming to match that number in likes on their Facebook page by the South Carolina primary on January 21st. Go help them out!

In New Hampshire last night, there were ramifications from Mitt Romney's win, Ron Paul's close-ish second, and Huntsman's mini-surge…but none of that horse race news is really related to the Perry campaign anymore.

Our governor is operating in his own, false political reality in which he still has a prayer of winning the nomination.

Going South Carolina

Rick Perry is staking his campaign on appealing to “real Republicans” in South Carolina…where he polls at 5%.

Is he so determined to win that he can't see his campaign's obvious hopelessness?

Perry doesn't qualify for CNN's January 19th South Carolina debate.

According to CNN's qualification rules, a candidate must get at least 4th place in either Iowa or New Hampshire, or get 7% support in at least three national Republican or three South Carolina primary polls released in January.

Rick Perry placed 5th in Iowa and 6th in New Hampshire. Perry receives 7% of the vote in only one of the national polls released in January.

Apparently, CNN has waived these rules to allow Perry to participate.

Maybe CNN thinks that being denied from a debate would simply be too great of an embarrassment for Perry.

Could it be any more embarrassing than…everything Rick Perry is doing right now? Let alone his entire campaign?


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