Perry Releases Statement on Death of Kim Jong The Second

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Another day, another Perry gaffe involving numbers. Already having demonstrated that he can't count to three, yesterday Rick Perry released a statement on the death of Kim Jong Il. Only problem? He referred to the deceased North Korean dictator as Kim Jong the Second.

Now, I can understand how in a san serif font, “Il”

(capital I, lower case l)

looks a lot like the Roman numeral II

(capital I, capital I)

which, of course, means 2. But that excuse is only valid if you — and everyone who proofs your press releases before they go out — have never heard of the actual Kim Jong Il.

And besides, we all know Rick Perry doesn't know his Roman numerals either.

From The Atlantic:

Perry has excelled at not knowing things during his presidential campaign. What's strange about this one is that the email incorrectly referenced the dictator's name three times, but correctly used “-Il” once. What's unfortunate is that the email was a purely perfunctory statement from Perry on the “death of vicious dictator” who we could have assumed disliked Kim Jong-Il like any other red-blooded American even if he never released a statement.

Yep, looks like the Comms shop is working real hard over there at the Perry campaign.

ThinkProgress makes clear that Republicans have a history of not getting the late North Korean despot's name right. Kind of disconcerting when you think about how aggressive Republican foreign policy usually is. Shouldn't you at least know the names of the countries you casually threaten to bomb back to the stone age?

On an unrelated note, it would be really funny to watch Rick Perry pronounce and spell “Mahmoud Ahmadinejad,” am I right?  


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