New President of UT College Republicans is Just as Awful as the Last One

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A month ago, UT College Republicans president Lauren Pierce tweeted her sympathy for those who want to assassinate President Obama:

“Y'all as tempting as it may be, don't shoot Obama. We need him to go down in history as the WORST president we've EVER had! #2012.”

Pierce was forced to resign in disgrace. Not the disgrace of her fellow College Republicans, however, who seem to have found a comparable replacement in former VP Cassie Wright.

A month ago, Wright said this about the Pierce scandal:

“Insofar as she's a representative [of the College Republicans], maybe it shouldn't be said, but she's made a positive statement in a way. I don't really see anything wrong with it. It's just a personal comment, not representative of any group. Just freedom of speech, you know?”

Pierce made a “positive statement”? Wright doesn't “really see anything wrong with” such violent, hateful rhetoric against the President of the United States? With publicly stating that the only reason to keep our president alive is so he can “go down in history as the WORST president we've EVER had”?

Standing by Pierce's statement was a terrible start to Wright's presidency.

But now Wright has started her own legacy of hateful vitriol.

On Facebook recently, Wright wrote that it was a “messed up world” because she was studying in the library while “the Asian guy next to me is watching America's Next Top Model episodes on his laptop”.

When a commenter asked what being Asian had to with it, Wright responded:

“Because Asians study a lot…If you're offended by my use of a stereotype then gtfo [get the fuck out].”

President Wright's dedication to stereotypes about Asians is reminiscent of the UCLA student who made a video mocking Asians in the library. Stereotypes, whether negative or positive, are all negative because they dehumanize an entire group of human beings.

No one, let alone the president of the College Republicans at one of America's largest and most prestigious universities, is justified in casually spreading this type of racial discrimination.

Yesterday, Wright did much more wrong, tweeting this:

In less than 140 characters, Wright brought shame upon her club, her university, and herself. This may be news to the President Wright, but using crack cocaine is not limited to one race. Nor is this the year 1811, when such hate speech might be accepted in American political dialogue.

Clearly, Wright did not learn anything from the scandal that brought down former president Pierce. Disgusting, hateful beliefs have been legitimized in the Republican Party so completely that the next generation of Republican leaders are barely distinguishable from the current crop of hate mongers.

And for those who don't believe such rhetoric finds the ears of people willing to do violence, see this list of all the right wing violence inspired by such hate speech.

Thus far, Wright has not apologized for her tweet, nor have any College Republicans denounced the statement.

This would be the time to call for Wright's resignation if her resignation would make any difference at the College Republicans.

But, clearly, it won't. For now, all we can do is endure and publicly condemn this emblematic parade of hate.


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