Texas Redistricting: Where Things Stand as of Mid-Day Saturday

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A lot of things have happened the last few days on the redistricting front, so here's a rundown on where things stand as of midday Saturday.


The San Antonio panel released the final, court-drawn interim maps late Wednesday afternoon.  They are S164 on the senate side and H302 for the state house and can be found here:

Senate plan:


State house plan:


Late Wednesday night, Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott asked the San Antonio court to stay implementation of the maps so the state could appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court.

The San Antonio panel denied the state's request in split opinions late Friday afternoon.  The opinions, including Judge Smith's dissent, can be found at:


The court's denial of a stay now leaves the state free to seek an emergency stay from the Supreme Court.  More on how that process would work- and the hurdles the state faces- in these two backgrounders:

Getting an emergency stay at the Supreme Court:


Back to the Future: A look back at the parties stay arguments on the DeLay map circa 2004:



On Wednesday, the court also issued its proposed interim congressional map (Plan C220) and asked for comments from the parties by noon Friday.

The court's proposed congressional plan can be found here:


And the parties'  comments can be found here:


The next step is for the court to finalize the interim congressional map, something it is expected to do this weekend or early Monday morning. Once that happens, the state is expected to seek to stay that map as well. (Contrary to some media reports, there has not yet been a stay request on the congressional map.)


Right now, the candidate filing period is still scheduled to open on Monday, November 28.  Some lawyers involved in the case have speculated that it could be possible that the period might be delayed by a day or two because of the need to finalize maps and deal with stay requests, but as of midday Saturday that hasn't happened yet.


Still on, although if the state is successful in obtaining a stay, it likely would need to be moved.


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  1. Thanks for your updates
    Michael I just want to publicly thank you for providing such in-depth analysis and supporting documentation on the Texas redistricting issue. You have been a great resource to allow some of us to keep track of this ever-changing situation. It's also allowed some of us to help guide people in our local community on what's really happening and the course some people are taking.

    It's very evident AG Abbott is using this situation as a means to grandstand for states rights at the highest levels in the nation, painting him as a darling to Republicans, especially tea party voters. By arguing the points he has, he seems to be setting up a defense of the Texas Lege's redistricting efforts and a challenge to some of the key components of the VRA. All the while, Texas voters are caught in the middle of this elephant dance.

    Once again, thanks and keep up the good work.

  2. Completely Agree with the Above …
    Mr. Li–Your coverage of Texas Redistricting has been phenomenal.   You and Dave Bradlee should win awards for your help in educating citizens on redistricting.

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