Does Congress Need Courage?

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I'm sure most of you, like me, are fed up with Congress and the stalemate going on there. Money is the big 300 pound gorilla on the backs of just about every member.

Sure the Republicans pledged no new taxes to Norquist. Why wouldn't they break their pledge? Not because of any idealism about being real conservatives, but more about the realism of the money they would lose. They know Norquist and the deep pocket backers of his and the other groups that are aligned with the Conservative/Tea Party'ers would cut off their life blood for reelection campaign funding, or run someone against them.

Many Democrats aren't much better they cow tow to many Wall Street and other Special Interest groups when they serve on committees and water down legislation or behind closed doors in the Democratic caucus and refuse to back the Presidents plans and don't show any backbone.

It's all about the money and getting reelected and not about what is best for 'We The People'!

That's why I am seriously considering making another run for Congress in the 21st Congressional District. I would like you to seriously consider my candidacy and let me know if you really think I should run again or should I step aside and see if anyone else steps up to the plate. Please complete the survey attached.First and foremost I want to bring the underlying issue of how Special Interest money is behind the political deadlock in Washington and is ruining our election system, and secondly I want to see Lamar Smith out. He was the main mover behind the ruthless Congressional redistricting plan that sliced and diced Texas to increase the Republicans hold on Congress and reduce the opportunity for Hispanics to increase their representation. For years in Washington he has acted against Social Security, Medicare, the environment, GLBT/human rights, Hispanics and immigrants, voting rights and holding the wealthiest 1% accountable for their fair share.

If I decide to run I would run as an Independent Democrat. I hold no illusions that the state or national party would do anything to support my candidacy, and frankly I am disappointed in the national Democratic party's lack of backbone and accountability to its own constituents. I will refuse to accept any labels for my beliefs and stands on issues. I will just run on my character and my ideas about what needs to be done in DC and let the voters decide if I represent their concerns and expectations.

I believe deeply in getting the money out of politics and have been a supporter of the Fair Elections Now Act as such I want my campaign to meet standards contained in the Act therefore I will not accept any campaign contributions from Special Interests, or PACS. I will accept only modest contributions of $100.00 or less. I hope to attract 10,000 contributions or more from voters in CD 21 and from across Texas, or even across the country, since the decisions made by Congress effect all Americans.

This decision is not an easy one. Zada and I have worked hard for many years and have sacrificed much in my previous candidacies. We are still weighing the pluses and minuses, and she is very wary about making this race again. But both of us remain committed to working to improving the lives and opportunities for our fellow citizens in our community, our state, and our nation, and this is the way I believe we will.


John Courage


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  1. Run, John, run!
    You've already paid your dues, and nobody in his right mind would blame you for deciding to sit this one out. We also know that the chances of your winning are extremely small. But that's not the point.

    The voters of TX-21 need a choice. The political system itself needs candidates who will speak out, honestly and forcefully, about the issues. There are many things that need to be said, but most candidates are afraid to say them lest they lose so-and-so's endorsement or so-and-so's contribution.

    With a campaign as you've described, you'll have the freedom, and the guts, to say them. Please, PLEASE go for it!  

  2. Sadly John has decided against running for the seat
    Given that the district is so heavily Republican I doubt one could buy the seat for $3 million so I can't say his decision is a poor one. I know that John will continue his work with Clean Elections Texas and Common Cause of Texas and I look forward to working with him in his future endeavors.

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