Joaquin Castro Is Still At It and Gets a Big Warm GOP Money Hug

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As you recall, it was Castro, who in sworn court testimony and news reports, was linked with secretly working with Republicans to draw a district for himself at the expense of Charlie Gonzalez. It was Castro who was seen talking with a Perry aide (

It is Castro who is throwing a fundraiser being led by Republicans who also hosted a recent “Perry for President” fundraiser, including John Montford, Bill Greehey, and Ed Whitacre. (

We now also know that Joaquin Castro is raking in a lot of money from traditionally Republican donors. Of course, in the past he's accepted checks from Altria (Big Tobacco), J.P. Morgan Chase, and Wal-Mart. But now, in his race to unseat progressive champion Lloyd Doggett, deep-pocketed GOP donors are throwing their $$$ at Castro. And he’s accepting it.

Castro’s Republican donations have been talked about in a San Antonio blog ( that said:

Castro did receive $5,000 from Lionel Sosa, a prominent GOP advertising consultant who’s worked for Republican presidential candidates ranging from Ronald Reagan to John McCain, and $500 from District 8 Councilman Reed Williams, a declared Republican. But neither of those contributions came out of the blue. Sosa served as treasurer for the 2005 mayoral campaign of Castro’s brother, Mayor Julián Castro, and Williams has worked closely with the mayor over the last two-and-a-half years.

Castro also received more than $25,000 from political action committees, much of it from groups that skew conservative. Valero Energy Corporation PAC gave his campaign $5,000 and NuStar chipped in $2,500. Over the last decade, Valero has contributed $17,500 to the Americans for a Republican Majority PAC. They’ve donated $59,000 to Texas Republican Congressman Joe Barton, $45,500 to former Republican Congressman Henry Bonilla, and $7,000 to GOP presidential candidate – and Tea Party favorite – Michele Bachmann.

It also comes up in a lot of the discussion of this race here at BOR. Although it is easy enough, nobody’s shown the who and where of this Republican giving.  Who are those staunch Republicans who oppose our values but are voting with their money on Castro?    

Over 50 separate donors, who have given to Castro in just this last three-month reporting period, have also given to Republicans.  How much? These donors have given over $3.5 million to Republicans since 2006.  They’ve also given over $800k to Governor Rick Perry.  They’ve funded Eric Cantor’s leadership PAC, Senator John Cornyn, the RNC, the RNCC, unsuccessful presidential candidate John McCain, and a host of other hardcore Republicans working to undermine progressives. Add Joaquin Castro to these efforts.

Here are just a few of the more prominent names among the 50 that are recognized as being big Republican donors and what they’ve given to Republicans since 2006:

John Hurd- $65,000

Lloyd Denton- $64,000

Alan Dreeben- $259,000

Peter and Julianna Holt -Together, they’ve given over $1.5 million dollars!

Red McCombs- $521,000

H..B. Zachry- $117,000

William Kaufman- $24,000

50 folks.  That’s a lot of people.  Just a coincidence? Hardly.

In one of the articles I mentioned above, it’s noted that these folks are business people and business people tend to be Republicans.  They argue that Julian Castro has done a good job of convincing the business community that the Castros are middle of the road people. 

Some (Joaquin Castro among them) would have us believe that the problem right now is refusing to meet Republicans half way.  Ridiculous!  Jim Hightower got it right: There’s nothing in the middle of the road except yellow stripes and dead armadillos. 

I don’t want a so-called middle of the road person, who can smile and take these fat cat GOP donors' money, representing me in Congress.  The dialogue in Washington has shifted so far right that the middle of the road is tax cuts for millionaires and job losses for teachers. It’s cutting Social Security and slashing our investment in our roads and schools.  I don’t want someone representing me that wants to make nice with the intransigent, middle class-killing Republicans. I want someone who stands up and fights Republicans, not someone who lines his pockets with their lucre. 

Giving Castro their money (and his acceptance of it) is just is another way Republicans are trying to get rid of Lloyd Doggett.  Remember the memo from Tom DeLay’s staff in 2003 that said “A map that returns Frost, Edwards, and Doggett is unacceptable and not worth all the time invested into this project”?  That map became law and Doggett is now the last targeted Dem left standing.  He ran and won in a district that went to McAllen.  Now, Republican mapmakers, with the help of Castro, have drawn a district that links San Antonio to Austin (and is anchored in San Antonio) (  Republicans have not given up on targeting Lloyd. A Democrat should not be helping Republicans do it.

I don’t want these Republicans influencing a Democratic primary.  I don’t want anybody who shakes their hands, headlines their names on his fundraiser invites, and then pockets their money, winning the Democratic primary and being the Democratic nominee for Congress.  Joaquin Joaquin, why don't give the money from the donors I listed back to them, and state that you don't share their values? That’s true, isn’t it?


David T is the BOR handle for David Thomas 


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  1. Republican Pawn
    Proof again that Castro is a Republican pawn. If he can agree to their money and influence now what would stop that from happening if he were elected to Congress? So glad to have Congressman Doggett to fight against Republicans in Congress and in Texas.  

    • I guess that makes Doggett a pawn also
      Since Doggett has also taken Republican money that makes him a pawn? Are you folks just really so bent on some gutter garbage you'll make these kind of claims? I mean, if you're going to dish it out, check the other side as well.

  2. Give me a break
    David T you have tried again to make this a hit piece against Castro. Did you care also publish Doggett's Republican contributors? Did you know Doggett has also taken Republican money?

    So let's go through this. Many of these contribute to both Republicans and Democrats. They are San Antonio business leaders who care to see the best interests of San Antonio represented.

    You said “I don't want these Republicans influencing a Democratic primary.  I don't want anybody who shakes their hands, headlines their names on his fundraiser invites, and then pockets their money, winning the Democratic primary and being the Democratic nominee for Congress.” So I guess you don't want Doggett to win either.

    This is amateur stuff, at best. I guess we're going to start the Doggett camp's hit pieces again. You might reconsider since the courts are relooking at the maps. As many have already said in the past round you folks volleyed, we should let the maps be drawn and then get into garbage like this, and yes, this is a garbage piece.

  3. what a tool
    The Republicans failed to get rid of Lloyd Doggett in 2003, so they are pulling out whatever they can just to get rid of him now.  Despite their efforts, Doggett has maintained his record of being a progressive champion, and will continue to do so.  I wouldn't be surprised if Castro votes for Rick Perry for president.

  4. Ridiculous……
    This just goes to show that Republicans just don't want Doggett to continue serving the people, so bad in fact, they are trying to infiltrate Doggetts Democratic competitor. So one way or another Republicans are trying to dictate this election. Doggetts agenda is to serve the people, so you gotta wonder what Castro's plan is when he is taking Republican money and support.

  5. Molly Ivins Once Said

    As they say around the Texas Legislature, if you can't drink their whiskey, screw their women, take their money, and vote against 'em anyway, you don't belong in office.

    If someone wants to fund me to work for a progressive Texas, I am always going to take the money. This race won't exist in a matter of weeks. The scorched earth, entitled, voter suppressing campaign that the Doggett campaign is running is shameful.

    People don't think they have a voice in government. Voter turnout declines every year. And this is the campaign that is being run to turn that around?

    Let's talk about the future of Texas and our country and get out of the mud. This is pathetic and silly.  

    • Good points Matt
      You echoed my thoughts on this matter. I'm shocked that these Doggett supporters would continue this type of gutter politics. Honestly, I don't think they are directly aligned with the Doggett campaign because the Lloyd Doggett I have met in San Antonio over the past few months (never saw him down here until he decided to represent San Antonio) is not the type of person who would resort to this type of stuff so early in the game.

      That being said, it's funny they chastise Castro for having known Republican contributors when Doggett has also taken money from known Republican contributors. Granted, not many give to him but he sure doesn't turn the money away when offered. I guess that taints his votes also? I mean, let's be fair about this if they want to be fair.

      Regardless, knowing these contributors you'll also find they are San Antonians and are supporting a local guy for the office. Many of these same people contribute to other local Democrats. It's what we do here in San Antonio. We support each other first. So I'm not surprised to see them contribute to Castro. They are supporting him because they are concerned about making sure San Antonio is represented in every way possible.

      But that doesn't make the candidate a Republican. In fact, Castro has had one of the more progressive records in the Texas House compared with others. To even suggest he would vote for Perry by one of the commenters is absurd. Why would someone who recently went to LA to support our president vote for Perry in the presidential election? But I guess that's the kind of gutter politics we can expect from these few.

      I agree with Matt. It's time we get this country on track with good leaders and quit trying to “look big” by trashing a candidate with some pretty baseless accusations.

      Honestly, if this IS the kind of campaign I can expect from Doggett I pretty much have made up my mind who I'm voting for. Take a hint. Others have the same opinion.

    • negative attacks are bad for Democrats
      I agree with Matt. This style of campaigning is pathetic.

      Yesterday I received and email blast from Doggett's campaign using David's blog post as a fundraising letter. This is very disappointing that Doggett is willing to stoop this low to win a district that might not even exist soon.

      I really don't see anything wrong with being passionate about a candidate's public policy vision. Certainly we saw in Obama vs. Clinton that democrats and the Democratic Party thrived after what was a long and very substantive debate about a vision for the country. But when candidates Doggett start their campaign with negative attacks, voters get turned off with the electoral process which is exactly what we don't need for democrats here in Texas.  

      • ProgressiveInTexas on

        Stating Facts…
        does not constitute a NEGATIVE attack.

        Facts have a liberal bias, but only conservatives consider truth to be slander.

  6. Sad
    This really is a pitiful attack. Ditto what others have said. Are Doggett supporters willing to categorically state that the Congressman has never accepted a contribution from a donor or PAC who has also given to a Republican?

    If you really think Lloyd Doggett is the best candidate in the race, then make the argument for him. But this manufactured attack that Joaquin. Castro is some kind of Republican conspirator is just a joke. It really makes the Doggett campaign look desperate.  

    • If this is all they have
      If this bizarre gutter attack is all his supporters really have, this race is OVER. However, that's why I don't think this group is really aligned with the Doggett campaign and is more of an extreme group that doesn't really align with most Democrats. They could be Ds but not the ones I know who really work hard for the party.

      It would really best if this were the LAST of these attacks to be posted. I mean, I really appreciate BOR posting entries on all aspects of this race but this is the second one with very little substance and no acknowledgement of the fact Doggett has also taken donations from Republican supporters (because they know he has).

  7. disappointing
    Thia article upsets me for 2 reasons. First, Castro is taking money from the opposition.  That's upsetting enough on its own. Secondly, he has shown that he is running his campaign in collaboration with Republicans. Lloyd Doggett has a proven track record of fighting for progressive values. If Castro is working with Republicans this early, I doubt he will actually fight hard for progressives. Why vote for someone who might not even stand up for what progressives want?  I know Lloyd Doggett will fight for what I believe in because he always has, so that's why I'll be voting for Doggett.  

    • This kind of stuff is ridiculous
      So you have YET to answer why you have a problem with Castro taking money from Republicans but don't seem to have a problem with Doggett doing the same. This is a hit comment more than a constructive point. You say Castro won't stand up for progressive ideas. What about his record in the Texas House. Did you do research BEFORE you wrote the hit comment or just decided you'd trash a good Democrat on some baseless claims?

      Apparently you don't seem to want to answer the questions or issues on this which further demonstrates how gutter this comment is. If this is the way the Doggett supporters run a campaign I know a lot of people, probably including Doggett, who will run from this pretty darn quick.

      BTW, based on your comment you won't vote for someone who has taken money from Republicans. So I guess that means you won't be voting for Doggett? I mean, either stick to your statement or write this off as nothing but garbage.

      • let me clarify
        Before you get all excited about me simply sharing my opinion, perhaps you should take a deep breath and calm down.  Yes, I created my account on the day the article was posted.  So what?  I am a recent arrival to BOR and up to this point haven't felt the need to comment on a post.  Yes, the comment about Castro voting for Perry was taking it too far and I apologize for that, but that doesn't mean I have no right to worry about Castro representing me.  

        In my comment, I was trying to explain that the fact that Castro specifically requested to have the district drawn in his favor, his taking money from Republicans, and his disrespect for a better-established Democrat makes me nervous.  Why would a fellow Democrat try to unseat someone as valuable as Lloyd Doggett?  Yes, Castro's Texas House record is good, but what I was saying is that as a new US Congressman, I have no idea how he will act.  Politics are very different at the national level.  The only reason Castro is competitive in this race is thanks to the Republicans, so it would seem that he owes them a favor, or several.  Republicans have been trying to get rid of Doggett for years, and shame on the Democrat who enables them to do this.  Wonder why Republicans aren't worried about Castro stepping in, but are trying their best to get rid of Doggett?  Because Doggett is the guy who has PROVEN that he will stand up for progressive values and stand up AGAINST Republicans.  When things get hairy in Congress, I'd much rather have Doggett representing me than Castro, to whom the Republicans could pull the, “You owe me one” anytime. If Castro weren't trying to unseat such a well-established Democrat with a long, progressive record in the US Congress, I would probably vote for him, but everything Castro's campaign has done up to this point has been against what would seem in the best interest of Texas Democrats.  Doggett is on two of the most important Congressional committees, and if we lose him, we lose those seats.  If Castro gets elected, he will get put on the less-important committees, so if he wins, progressive Texans will lose some sway.  That upsets me and makes me nervous.  I'm not voting for anyone who is purposefully going against what is in the best interest for progressive Democrats.

        You accuse anyone who has anything bad to say about Castro as being a spammer and not a real Democrat, but we are just sharing our opinions.  Furthermore, YOU have yet to address any of the concerns we have brought up.  Does everything I just said above not make you worry about our voice in Congress?

        • So deal with the issues
          You only cite money as your basis for trashing Castro, and you trashed him pretty badly. I'm glad you apologized for the Perry comment. That was WAY over the top and merited the response.

          But if money is your only criteria, and that's apparently all it is, then why do you not have a problem with Doggett since he has also taken Republican money. You can go to any of the campaign finance sites and find this information. We're not making it up. It's public record. You won't answer that question and I think it's because you really don't have a leg to stand on there. You've staked your position and now you can't back away from it.

          Making a claim that Castro would completely change his voting record after years of having a progressive record in the Texas House is absurd. You're saying that in less than a year he would become a Republican in voting record after years of a progressive stance? Come on, you can make a better argument than that. The more you make this argument the more ridiculous this looks.

    • Account created the day of posting
      So this account was created the day of the posting. Is this a troll account who really is just trying to trash Democrats or a valid, active Democrat? I have to ask because there are some questionable things in this piece and these comments.

      • A lot of the anti-Castro
        posters over the past month or so are accounts created specifically to post about (and only about) attacking Castro. If it is was one or two people we could dismiss it as a coincidence, but it is starting to look like a pattern.

        • Not only a pattern
          I agree David. Not only is it a pattern, but it's following the same playbook. When it gets taken apart they don't seem to be able to come up with decent answers. Someone put this playbook together and it's full of holes. The problem is it doesn't look like they have much strategy behind it.

          I'm tempted to ask Rep. Doggett the next time he's on one of these San Antonio trips he's making almost daily if he supports this position. I mean, it's his campaign. So he should have a say in this.

          They are starting to make Doggett look foolish in his approach. This type of slash and burn is the stuff average voters look at and run away from. It's baseless, ridiculous and pretty gutter level.

  8. Another ridiculous attack
    Very disappointing to see what can only be described as an organized effort to attack and discredit Joaquin Castro on BOR. Intellectually dishonest tactics like these usually are confined to the other party's primary.

    Don't have too much time, but I went ahead and ran the first two names you listed through the Texas Ethics Commission website and they (Hurd and Denton) have also contributed to Democrats, including Mark Strama, Richard Raymond, Rolando Gutierrez, and Jose Menendez.

    • Happens all the time
      Thanks David. These people really don't understand most of the Republicans on Castro's list are Bexar County business men and women who support ANY local candidate. It's what we do in Bexar County to help support our local guys. That doesn't mean the candidate aligns with Republican values. It means the person looks out for Bexar County interests.

      They really are starting to look like rank amateurs on this. I can guarantee they won't answer back about other Democrats, including Doggett, taking Republican money. It completely undercuts their “strategy” and makes it look pretty silly.

  9. People wake up>>
    What gets me is that it's overwhelming how much support Castro is getting from Republicans. Castro brought in most of his campaign fundraising money from businessmen, witch tend to  be Republican. While, on the other hand, Doggett has gotten his support from unions people who support people not people who support themselves by using the people like big businessmen. why is that Castro wants to dethrone Lloyd Doggett, what is it that makes the territory that he wants to great? When your serving the people, best shown by Doggett, it doesn't matter where they throw you into, your interest goes into the people without question. You can't pick and choose where you want to serve, that's not representation of the people, that's representing who you want to.

    • Misnamed Progressives
      First, I do Not work for the campaign. I Am a Progressive/Liberal Democrat. Lloyd Doggett is a reliably Progressive Democratic incumbent. I support Lloyd Doggett for what he is, how he fights the good cause, and how he treats his constituency.

      I am Opposed to Republicans, particularly in this political climate that has Republicans opposing everything that Progessive Democrats propose. It is in this climate that hard core Republicans, not just business men who tend to hedge their bets, support with money Joaquin Castro. Their goal – beat Lloyd Doggett. And Mr. Castro assists them. He not only accepts their $$, he helped them draw the map that grounds District 35 in Bexar. He not only helped them draw the map, he asked them to do so. He also, in his kickoff at Juan in a Million, said he would be a different Democrat. He would work with the other side. To do what?

      Mr. Castro wants another Hispanic district in Texas. I understand. What I don't understand is his decision to beat another Democrat instead of taking Rep. Canseco's district from him. Had he done that, he would have added a Democrat to the House. Instead he chose to make his bones by trying to beat Lloyd Doggett, thus playing right into the hands of the Right. Regardless of how the maps may be redrawn, Mr. Castro, in my humble opinion, has done poorly by Travis County and Texas Democrats.

      Not just money. Pay attention.

      • So answer the question
        Why won't you answer the question. If it's about money then why do you not have a problem with Doggett accepting Republican money? It's public record on the campaign finance sites. Is it that it completely undercuts your argument about Castro?

        Look, I'm holding back on ANY undercutting of Doggett and would prefer it not get to this but if you want to trash a good Democrat, be ready to defend. This is not the way Democrats build the party so I have to question your real intentions here.

        If you think Castro helped draw a map to cut Doggett out, that shows how little you really understood the redistricting process. Castro could have been in another country and they would have drawn Doggett out of his district. Castro saw the map would include Bexar County and worked to make it better for Bexar County. That's working for his constituents. Castro represents Bexar County right now, not Travis County. Do you even know what Texas district he's in or you're in?

        These maps are far from done so I'd hold off on some of your gutter level comments. You're making a name for yourself as a hack and that's far from the right thing to do, at this point. What are you going to say when the map is more favorable for Doggett in his current district and he moves back? Yea, we'll remember your attacks and the way you treated a fellow progressive Democrat. It's a bridge you may not want to burn at this point.

        • Take it easy, Randy
          The way you tell it (in a zillion posts on any article concerning Castro), anybody who questions Castro is just mudslinging, probably on secret orders from the Kremlin, errr, Doggett HQ. Some Doggett supporters have leveled over-the-top charges about Castro, just as some Castro supporters have made nasty claims about Doggett. That's not the same thing as the campaigns working from the gutter.

          As for the charges themselves, Castro has received a ton of GOP money. That doesn't make Castro a secret Republican, any more than Doggett's accepting the occasional GOP contribution makes him a Republican. Both guys have excellent voting records. But it does mean that the GOP power brokers have decided that their side would be better off with Castro than Doggett. Those guys aren't fools. It's worth thinking really hard about whether they might be right.

          The GOP's drawing the district (per Castro's requests) in a way that helps Castro unseat Doggett says exactly the same thing: The bad guys very much want Castro to win the primary.

          As for Castro's involvement, you say he was just sticking up for his San Antonio constituents. That may be, but don't expect that argument to fly in Austin. Working with the GOP to shift power from Austin to San Antonio is not the sort of representation that Austinites want.

          Hopefully this will all be moot in a couple of weeks, with the courts producing a map that doesn't pit a solid Austin Democrat against a solid San Antonio Democrat. But if the fight does continue, you can count on my supporting the guy who hasn't worked to undercut my voting influence.

          BTW, I have no idea what congressional district my precinct will be in. Right now we're in 10, the lege-approved plan puts us in 25, and 35 is only a few blocks away.  

          • Thanks and some sanity
            Lorenzo thanks for the reply and I guess I went over the top because of this continued thread of money, especially after the “wouldn't be surprised if Castro votes for Rick Perry for president.” That person did apologize for that comment but the tone seemed to continue.

            You brought out some good views on this situation which probably have more reality than anything I've seen. I don't disagree that the GOP wants Doggett out and that's why they screwed his district up like they did. In the new 35th, the district that would have more potential for a Democrat winning, they included the core of Bexar County. That created the dynamic of Austin vs. San Antonio. I hate to be this way but I live in SAT and would fight for more focus on Bexar County with the district, much like Castro did. Nothing against Austin and I really feel Travis County residents are getting screwed 5 ways to 1 (5 fractured districts instead of a single compact district) but it is what it is now.

            Regarding supporting Castro, you're right they aren't fools. They also have concern Doggett would be giving more preference to Travis County than Bexar County on matters. One of the key things San Antonio has to watch with regards to the federal government is defense spending. It's a huge part of our economy. Any rep who represents Bexar County in Congress HAS to have a commitment for helping maintain continued investment by the DoD in San Antonio, both for active duty personnel and veterans. There are other things we have concerns about. They know that and want to make sure San Antonio's economy remains healthy. That's the complex political environment we have here in San Antonio that I think a lot of these Doggett detractors fail to understand. We actually do work in a bipartisan way here Bexar County for the betterment of the region.

            Finally, I completely agree with you that this whole thing might be for naught after the interim and final maps come out. Fair statement regarding who you might support. I have the same feeling regarding San Antonio's needs.

            The bottom line is I still strongly support a redistricting commission that would most likely create more reasonable and compact districts, instead of these Rorschach tests we keep getting. The champion for this has been Sen. Wentworth which is why I support him, one of the few Republican I both verbally and financially support.  

        • He answered your question
          “It is in this climate that hard core Republicans, not just business men who tend to hedge their bets, support with money Joaquin Castro.”

          That is the key distinction.  I don't have a problem with “simply taking money from Republicans” if it's, as you have said someone who tends to give to both sides, especially local SA donors.

          The (potential) issue here is Republicans who almost exclusively give to Republicans in order to advance a conservative agenda.  I don't personally know if any of the donors in question qualify under this criteria, I just wanted to point out that he did, in fact, make this distinction.

          Also as LSadun pointed out, if Castro wants to take the position of only representing San Antonio and screw whoever gets hurt in the process, I guess that's his right.  But don't expect anyone in Austin or the rest of the state to respect him for that, or to support him.  Why should anyone in Austin support someone who has shown that he is very willing to sell us out and doesn't care about us?

          Castro also has claimed that this new district is an opportunity and how he wants to advance the region as a whole.  This directly contradicts your argument about working for the best interest of San Antonio even if it screws over Austin.

          It also leaves a very bad taste in my mouth when he wants to unseat Austin's ONLY Democratic rep, while San Antonio already has one Democrat of its own, another from Laredo representing much of it, and a swing district that you should be focused on taking back.

          • The Deal
            San Antonio, South Texas, and Corpus Christie lost two Hispanic Democratic Congressmen in 2010. Dallas/Tarrant, Harris, and Travis/Hays Counties are expected to to take represention hits because of these failures in the 2010 elections per the Democratic losers and the Republican majority in the Texas Legislature.

            That's why this mess is in the federal court system anyway. Herr Doggett and his minions did not make me come to this conclusions. These are my own observations of the facts as a long established poster at BOR.

            Hopefully the new maps from the federal judical system will resolve the abuse of Travis and Hays Counties done to them in the congressional redisticting process by the Republican Legislature. Everyone needs to chill out until the new maps come out in the very near future.

          • Speaking on his own
            LSadun did answer the question, as I pointed out in my response. But he speaks on his own and not as a part of the Doggett group that is putting out the gutter posts and responses.

            Regarding support, why would anyone in San Antonio really support someone who doesn't take Bexar County interests seriously until just now when the district which includes the core of Bexar County becomes a winnable district for a Democrat?

            Castro's position doesn't contradict my statement. I would hope anyone who represents any district would want to advance the region. That doesn't conflict with trying to improve San Antonio's influence in the district.

            With regards to unseating Austin's ONLY Democratic rep, relook at that district. The majority of it population-wise is in Bexar County. The majority never was going to be in Austin. Looks like you guys in Austin have “claimed” that district, even though the majority of the district is in San Antonio. Hmmm. Think about how we feel. BTW, that district is my district. I live in it so I take a HUGE interest in how this factors.

            What I really take offense is anyone implying that the Republican donors to Castro's campaign make him a Republican. That's bull and anyone who EVEN asserts that I take hard issue with. As I've stated, I know these donors and they contribute to San Antonio and those who represent San Antonio. It's what we do here. We support our own, regardless of party distinction in many cases. I'll let you know I contribute to Sen. Jeff Wentworth because I feel he represents San Antonio best and operates in a more bipartisan manner than others. Did that make me a Republican? Does the fact that Doggett taking money from Republicans make him a Republican? Hardly, so let's give that position a rest. It's gutter, it has no basis, and is far-fetched speculation to try to discredit Castro. Honestly, it has the appearance of a losing campaign.

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