Austin Faithful Recruiting Climate Action Team

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TONIGHT: Austin's Interfaith Environmental Network (IEN) is inviting all those interested to a ground-breaking event tonight, discussing climate change and what to do about it. The event takes place at Highland Park Baptist Church, 5206 Balcones Drive, and features presenters Bob Murray (former CEO, Seattle Power & Light) and Joep Meijer (CEO, The Right Environment).

Murray and Meijer will address today's energy and climate change challenges as moral imperatives for people of faith, show a clear path to winning, and recruit those who wish to participate in a year long effort to demonstrate faith-driven solutions, locally. Event is 7pm to 8:30pm, Tue. Nov. 1. Attendance and parking are free.

From the IEN press release,

“The Energy Challenge:

A Moral Imperative for Climate Change”

If you knew you had the chance to work on the biggest environmental problem humankind has ever faced and that there are faith-driven ways to contribute to the solution – wouldn't you want to do it?

After lecture and an open Q&A, Murray and Meijer will offer an opportunity for getting involved in a faith-driven action team that aims to implement solutions and led by example.


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