NewsTaco's Latino News Roundup: Murdock, Perry, Poverty, Ed, Immigration & The Border Patrol

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Steve Murdock: Educating Latinos Vital To Future Of U.S. – Former Texas Demographer Steve Murdock discusses the implications of the changing Latino population and the future of Texas.

More Latino Children In Poverty Than Any Other Group – According to a recent report – “Childhood Poverty Among Hispanics Sets Record, Leads Nation” – from the Pew Hispanic Center, more Latino children are living in poverty, at 6.1 million. This was more children than any other ethnic group in the U.S.

Op-Ed: Rick Perry's Voter Legislation Disenfranchises Latino Voters – The Texas Democratic Party's Dep. Political Director for Base Outreach Rebecca Acuña writes, from illegal racial gerrymanders to voter suppression legislation, Rick Perry seems all too eager to trample on the voting rights of Texans.

First Online Mexican American Studies Degree Launches In TX – NewsTaco reported this week that the first ever completely online Mexican-American studies degree launched at South Texas College in McAllen, Texas.

Is Immigration About Jobs, Humans Or Business? – We asked a panel of professionals from different walks of life about the varied colors of the immigration issue, from a business, political and humanitarian standpoint.

Juggling Optimism & Pessimism In U.S.-Mexico Relations – A discussion of pessimism and optimism revolving around the U.S.-Mexico relations in Texas, as well as interviews with Laredo Mayor Raúl G. Salinas and El Paso County Judge Veronica Escobar.

Latina Volunteerism Often Manifests Off The Beaten Path – A recent report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics found that Latinos volunteer at lower rates than other ethnic groups but Laura Donnelly Gonzalez, co-founder Latinitas, tells us that Latinas not only “get” volunteerism, but have taken ownership of their volunteerism in ways that will immensely benefit the U.S.

Report: Widespread Abuse By Patrol Agents Along Border – The group No More Deaths released a report detailing widespread abuses by Border Patrol agents of people in their custody. The report, “A Culture of Cruelty,” includes information gathered over two-and-a-half years from over 12,000 individuals in more than 4,100 interviews conducted on both sides of the U.S.-Mexico border, and concludes that there exists “an institutional culture of abuse within Border Patrol.”

One Immigrant Son Tries To Be A Border Patrolman, Is Rejected –  A story from Brownsville about a young man, the son of an undocumented mother, who graduated from college and then entered the Border Patrol to provide for the rest of his family. Ultimately, though, he found out the Border Patrol was not for him.


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