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Rick Perry's boost in the polls from announcing his candidacy may officially be over.  Going into the first round of debates earlier in September, Perry led Romney by an average of twelve points.  Among the five latest major polls, the lead is down to an average of six.  

Source Perry Romney
Rasmussen 28 24
USA Today/Gallup 31 24
McClatchy/Marist 30 22
CBS News/New York Times 23 16
Bloomberg 26 22

It's important to note that Palin is now out of the mix in these polls.  Perry had been doing worse in polls that included her, but now that she's been removed, her supporters do not appear to be flocking to Perry.  Ron Paul, Michelle Bachman, Newt Gingrich, and Herman can are all somewhere in the 4 – 13% range, but none of them have gotten a significant bump lately. So even if Perry looks strong nationally, momentum may be an issue.

But these are all national polls.  Perry does lead Iowa, but in the early primary state of New Hampshire, Romney is way ahead of the pack.  Perry actually comes in at fourth place in New Hampshire with only 8 points, behind Ron Paul and Jon Huntsman.  

In terms of a match-up with Obama, a generic Republican is polling ahead by a half percent.  But compared to the actual Republican nominees, Obama leads Romney by 3 and Perry by 8.  

And with Perry running entirely on his Texas record, it's interesting that in his home state his disapproval rating of 48 percent outweighs his approval rating of 45 percent.


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