Game over?

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PhotobucketRight now, President Obama must decide whether to grant or deny a Presidential permit to foreign oil giant TransCanada for the proposed Keystone XL tar sands pipeline.

If the tar sands pipeline is approved, NASA scientist James Hansen says it will be “game over” for the Earth's climate. Heavy tar sands oil creates three times more carbon pollution than regular Texas crude. The Keystone XL pipeline would allow the Canadian tar sands industry to expand dramatically, and the resulting pollution would nullify our existing conservation efforts worldwide.

But there's good news. We can still stop this mistake before it's too late!

The U.S. State Department is hosting Keystone XL public hearings across the country, and there are two hearings scheduled in Texas. This is our best chance to communicate directly with the Obama Administration and make our voices heard to stop the pipeline, so please spread the word:


Monday, September 26th

4:30pm – 10pm

Bob Bowers Civic Center

3401 Cultural Center Drive

Port Arthur, TX, 77642

Click here to RSVP


Wednesday, September 28th

12pm – 8pm

University of Texas

Lady Bird Johnson Auditorium

2313 Red River Street

Austin, TX, 78705

Click here to RSVP

The tar sands pipeline would not only pollute our air but also endanger our Texas water supply. A new report released this week shows that the State Department has ignored the record Texas drought and the effects an oil spill could have on the Carrizo-Wilcox aquifer. Help preserve our limited water supplies for drinking and fire protection, not for foreign oil pipelines.

It's not “game over” yet. We can still save our planet. But it's critical that you attend one of these public hearings and tell President Obama to stand strong against the big oil lobbyists and to instead embrace a clean energy future.


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  1. More media stories from this weekend
    The tar sands controversy was covered in several media outlets over the weekend. Please write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper and say NO to dirty tar sands oil and YES to a clean energy future.

    Houstonians protest pipeline planHouston Chronicle

    Like protesters around the nation, the Houston group is concerned that tar sands oil emits more greenhouse gases than conventional crude oil. They also worry it would endanger groundwater in states along the route.

    Bryan Parras, a founder of Houston-based Texas Environmental Justice Advocacy Services, noted that it's often poorer, minority communities who end up living near refineries and are most impacted by pollution produced by an industry that drives Houston's economy. Residents of the area have high rates of asthma and cancer, he said.

    “This is going to lead to more health problems,” he said, noting that many of those who live in the area can't afford to move, much less afford health insurance. “No matter how many jobs you create, it's not worth the health problems children growing up here will have to deal with.”

    Locals protest at Washington rallyNacogdoches Daily Sentinel

    Over the course of the twoweek “Stop the Pipeline” sit-in outside the White House in late August and early September, 1,252 Americans were arrested.

    Among them were top climate scientists, landowners from Texas and Nebraska, former Obama for America staffers and First Nations leaders from Canada, according to http://www.tarsandsaction. org.

    Among the more notable individuals were former White House official Gus Speth, NASA scientist Dr. James Hansen, actress Daryl Hannah, filmmaker Josh Fox and author Naomi Klein.

    Add to that list Kendal Martel and Kathy and Steve Da Silva of Nacogdoches, who went to Washington, D.C., to participate in what has been called the largest collective act of civil disobedience in the history of the climate movement. All three are actively involved in the Nacogdoches County STOP (Stop Tarsands Oil Pipeline) movement.

    Profits Before EnvironmentNew York Times

    If Keystone is built, we'll see rising greenhouse gas emissions right away (tar sands production creates three times as many greenhouse gases as does conventional oil), and our increased dependence on fossil fuels will further the likelihood of climate-change disaster. Then there is the disastrous potential of leaks of the non-Wiki-variety.

    China invests billions in Canada oil sandsHouston Chronicle

    Right now, the only real export market for Canada's crude is the United States. But the Midwest refineries that are served by existing border-crossing pipelines are expected to reach their maximum capacity for processing the northern oil supply by 2015, according to IHS CERA.

  2. Stop the hyperbole!
    There are plenty of reasons to oppose the pipeline, from the environmental impacts along the route to the fact that tar sand oil produces considerably more CO2 per BTU than regular oil.  However, Hansen's “game over for the environment” comment is pure nonsense, and repeating it will only discredit the environmental community.

    Hansen's argument boils down to this:

    1) There's a lot of tar sand oil out there.

    2) If we produce oil from tar sands, we won't run out of oil, so we'll never kick our hydrocarbon addiction.

    3) If we don't kick our hydrocarbon addiction, we'll never reverse global warming.

    The exact same argument could be used for exploration of any kind of oil.

    It's ridiculous for people to argue that we need to conserve energy because we've hit the peak of oil production, and then argue against tapping more oil sources because it might inhibit conservation!

    The people who want to “drill baby, drill”, and who deny global warming, are peddling nonsense. To beat them, we have to peddle sense.  “Game over” doesn't qualify.  

    • brandon.elionai on

      Game Over
      Climate change is among us and tar sands will only promote global warming to occur at a more rapid pace. The quote “Game Over” by Hansen is not nonsense as tar sands will effectively produce more carbon dioxide and contaminate America's largest water sources. We need to conserve our water now more than ever as some locations such as Texas is now in one of the worst droughts ever faced in history. Honestly, yes building this pipeline will bring more jobs to America but look at the price. The environmental devastation is far too great at a risk, just to try to help our economy. At the same time, Transcanada is in no way portraying themselves and their project in a credible way, as they keep altering their data and their “facts” as too how much the pipeline will cost, and how many jobs it will bring to the American people. This project will only bring us tragedy and detrimental impacts, and that is in no way, over exaggerating.

  3. STOP Stop Tarsands Oil Pipeline
        Stop Tarsands Oil Pipeline (STOP)  is a  diverse group made up of concerned people and affected landowners in Texas. We have all come together to make our communities a safer place through community awareness and education concerning the destructive Keystone XL Pipeline Project. You may contact us through our website at

        STOP concludes that the Department of State has failed to produce a meaningful  Environmental Impact Statement  for the proposed Keystone XL Pipeline Project.   Citizen and Environmental groups around the country feel the same way. STOP  simply does not accept the DOS's flawed conclusion that the pipeline would have minimal environmental impact and believes that the DOS is on a pathway to rubber stamp the Keystone XL Pipeline Project.  

    STOP believes that the Project is not a good fit for Texas for the following reasons:

    1.  It's a threat to the 3rd largest aquifer in Texas the Carrizo-Wilcox Aquifer, drinking and agricultural irrigation water resources for up     to 12 million Texans.

    2.  It's a threat to air quality along the pipeline and in the communities around the end of market refineries.  

    3.  The threat of spills and their impact to the environment and public health.

    4.  Large amount of precious surface water utilized in testing phase of pipeline start-up and related TX drought condition concerns.

    5.  Threat of wildfire fueled pipeline fires.  

    6.  Eminent domain threats and property rights abuses.  

    7. Destruction of wildlife habitat.  

    8.  Project pipeline safety design and leak detection concerns.

    9.  Lax enforcement of pipeline safety rules and regulations.

       Please come join STOP in Pt.  Arthur on 9/26 & Austin on 9/28 and tell the DOS why you want them to deny the Keystone XL Pipeline Permit.  Stand-up for Texas!  

       Read our Report –  TransCanada's Keystone XL Pipeline:Tar Sands Permits Should be Denied due to Texas Drought and Potential Threat to Drinking Water September 15, 2011 @

  4. Historic Texas Heat, Drought and Widfires…
    It already is game over…just a matter of time. The State that's in denial of global warming, Texas, is getting punishished the worst. The polar ice cap was the smallest this year since satellite pics have been available (1979). We're losing our “air conditioner” for the northern hemisphere.

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