Please Welcome Our New Burnt Orange Reporters

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The reports of our death are greatly exaggerated!

Burnt Orange Report is excited to be announcing some major changes over the next month, the most exciting of which begins today. So thank you to all of our readers who are still loyally checking in, welcome back to those who have pronounced us defunct, and greetings to all of our new readers who have come here via some wild Google search about our failure of a Governor.

As you may have noticed, since last November's elections, Burnt Orange Report has been in a transitional state. Several of our writers have moved on to some very exciting new opportunities near and far, which has, at times, left us very short staffed. BOR hasn't really added new blood for several years, and given the frenetic pace of politics and how much things have changed nationally and within Texas just since 2008, it's high time we added some new perspectives and broadened our geographical coverage.

So over the next month, be on the lookout for some exciting developments to roll out, from great featured posts to technical gizmos. Already we've added a “Recommended” box to show what posts other people are sharing on Facebook. By the way, have you Liked Burnt Orange Report on Facebook? Do you follow @BOR on Twitter?

As for today, we're excited to introduce you to five of our new writers, more of whose work you will be seeing very, very soon. They bring varied backgrounds and experiences, a diverse range of political interests, and knowledge of many regions of our great state. And they're eager to help shine a bright light on what's been happening in the Lone Star State over the last decade.

Learn all about them and welcome them aboard below the jump.  Please give a warm welcome to our new Burnt Orange Reporters!

Adam Schwitters:

Adam Schwitters has been deeply involved in progressive politics since he pulled the lever for his mother for Walter Mondale at his elementary school in Boston in 1984. Living in Texas since 1990, he has become all too aware of the results of “conservative” governance and the need for a renewed Democratic Party to counter that trend. Adam Schwitters lives and works in Austin, Texas.

Ben Sherman:

Ben Sherman grew up in New York City, but found Texas' call was too loud to ignore. Currently, he's a student at UT-Austin studying political science. In 2010, Ben worked on the Bill White campaign as Communications Coordinator, handling media requests,  writing news briefs and organizing the communications team. With Burnt Orange Report, he looks forward to tracking our slippery governor and covering the daily politics beat.

Chaille Jolink:

Chaille Jolink was born and raised in Austin, and has lived here her whole life. She attended the University of Texas at Austin and has worked for nearly a decade in and around the capitol dome. She believes in public options for health care, transportation, and free love.

Emily Cadik:

Emily Cadik grew up outside of Houston in Montgomery County, where rampant conservatism sent her fleeing in the opposite direction. She then went to the University of Texas, followed by the Harvard Kennedy School, where she studied government and public policy with a focus on political rhetoric and voter turnout.  Emily now works on affordable housing policy in Washington, DC, but pines for breakfast tacos, Shiner Bock and the unfailingly outrageous brand of politics found only in Texas.

Eric Roberson:

A fifth generation native Texan, former Naval Flight Officer, and former Democratic candidate for Congress, Eric is a 16-year trial attorney with two 8-figure jury verdicts in the last 2 years.  Eric and his wife Kristina live in Plano raising their four school age children. In addition to volunteering at his congregation and community, and at his children's schools, Eric is a board member of a Dallas area inner city literacy program, Project Transformation.

Please join us at Burnt Orange Report in giving them a warm welcome! Can't wait to hear from each of them.  


About Author

Katherine Haenschen

Katherine Haenschen is a PhD candidate at the University of Texas, where she studies political participation on digital media. She previously managed successful candidate, issue, voter registration, and GOTV campaigns in Central Texas. She is also a fan of UCONN women's basketball and breakfast tacos.


  1. Welcome!
    Great to see so many new voices on BOR. It was one of the most amazing experiences in my career. I hope you all enjoy and embrace the opportunity during this historic time. All eyes are on Texas right now and your voice matters so much.

    Look forward to reading all of your work!

  2. Wow! Looking forward to informative posts…
    …by the new group of reporters.  Welcome on board and thanks to BOR for promoting progressive viewpoints.

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