San Antonio Closing Its Coal Plant

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San Antonio boldly goes where no Texas city has gone before… CPS Energy, owned by The City of San Antonio, announced earlier this week it will close its clunker 800+MW coal plant in 2018, invest heavily in local solar and natural gas electricity generation, invest heavily in attracting clean tech manufacturers, and build a 200MW “cleaner coal” plant. Read full Bloomberg article here:…

Why? It's better economically. Their big plan will bring 800 to 1,000 green tech jobs to town by 2015 while eliminating millions of tons of airborne greenhouse gas emissions and toxic pollution.

Mayor Julian Castro, “San Antonio understands the nexus between sustainability and job creation.”

Castro's leadership has some folks saying, “San Antonio will be America's greenest city.”


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  1. Still have a more to do
    Last week's announcement was a great event for San Antonio but we still have a lot to do. What I think was more significant is the investment these companies made in UTSA's new energy programs to help foster further research and hopefully help create a new energy economy in the city.

    What's even more funny is this Austin vs. San Antonio mentality that seems to be developing. SAT is only at this junction because of a very forwarding thinking mayor and the same attitude in the mayor prior. We've been blessed with two good mayors and a business community that see the value of this new energy economy.

    More to come.

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