Concerning Texas Governor Rick Perry, He is a Communist!

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Concerning EMF It Does Exist Therefore We Are Not Responsible For Our Actions

By Gregory O'Dell…

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Unconcerned and at a great risk to my own life, I have requested a Congressional Investigation into the use of classified bio-frequencies  that can and do control motor functions, make people behave with symptoms of schizophrenia, and a danger to your health such as Brain Cancer, Stroke, Heart Attack, Sudden Death, Sleep Deprivation and a list that goes on ad infinitum.



If it is true, government agencies or foreign enemies of the United States can also electronically shuffle your mental deck of cards in your brain which gives credence to the old saying  “If They Can They Will.” If government or any person or device, intervenes with your thoughts, they have changed your personal will and destiny and you are not responsible for your actions; nor can you be tried or held responsible for any unlawful conduct after such intervention!

All it takes is two U.S. citizens to testify in front of Congress that they have been penetrated by a mind control device with reasonable suspension backed by empirical evidence to remove the disability. I as well as many others have that evidence which was not obtained in any unlawful manner such as hacking or espionage but the results of being attacked and being forced to eat fruit from that poisonous tree.

Myself and several undisclosed individuals can testify that they were ether attacked or experimented on at the same time with the exact transmitted device. When it is the case, and it is frequently the case that only one person sees or hears the effects, the allegation is ignored as Just Your Imagination.

EMF brain stimulation by way of micro wave is just one of many ways to knock out a political adversary, a human rights activist, or a key witness in a court of law! One of the biggest problems is people like to add words to the dictionary to build believable phrases such as “Cyber Space” which is a universe that does not exist and one of the biggest black hole funding program scams of the New Millennium. Yes, EMF brain stimulation devices can have access to you personally by way of a Personal Computer, Cell Phone, or Television just as real as sticking your finger in an empty light socket or to be shot with a bullet.

Electronic devices do not rest in the domain of a non-existent universe called “Cyber Space” however, it is a very convenient way of central control to target individuals or groups of people. In the case of a real world electronic attacks on U.S. citizens, I consider my request to congress as my duty and well stand there and say “God Bless America” somebody or just one or two Americans, that have done nothing wrong, opened there minds and refused to shut their mouths- We are under attack!

Unfortunately, it makes good sense we are doing the same thing to other countries not to mention that slippery slope of corruption is being abused by renegade  agencies to justify their own funding, and have a weapon to snuffle your own mental deck of cards to protect their own interest as stakeholders while millions are unemployed.

Lastly, terms such as Psychic, Clairvoyance, and Telepathy, are words that have been in the dictionary sense its conception, and electronic attacks are proof enough that these capabilities can be used in reverse by sending out your own transmitting device which is your own brain.

Anyone that plays with this type of mental manipulation is skating on thin ice, it is best to use what you have to protect yourself and reflect attacks on your personal body or inside your own head with every means you have.

To rule out God is to already lose the war along with the battle. I can not help a person that rejects faith even if it is something of the imagination such as “Cyber Space” look what they can do with something that does not exist.

To open your mind to something greater than our tiny insignificance in the whole of things is a  belief that has miraculous powers even if it is a false belief.  To have and hold a belief in God is a win win proposition, even if that belief may not be true!



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