The Cruel Sadistic Joke of Congressional Redistricting in Central Texas

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South Austin has no geographic representation on the Austin City Council when, based on population, it should have at least three city council members. Now the proposed redistricting plans will leave South Austin with three different Congressmen and three different State Senators with South Austin having very little impact on who is elected from these districts.

Meanwhile, down at City Hall, a Council Member actually proposed that an election system with geographic seats with council members still elected At-Large. This off the wall proposal was an alternative to the several mixed district plans (6-2-1, 8-2-1, & 10-2-1) that a majority of the council has indicated they might support and are considering more closely.

Voters in South Austin have a direct impact on who is elected as their State Representative, County Commissioner, Justice of the Peace, Constable, and School Board Trustee. A united South Austin made the difference in Congressman Doggett's last election. For the most part, South Austin will be now stuck with the choices made by voters in Central/West Austin and San Antonio in most of the other contested races that are not either elected on a countywide or statewide basis.

The ironic thing is Central/West Austin got craved up again in pieces just like South Austin this time with this proposed congressional map. The proposed lines for District 25 are a perfect text book example of political gerrymandering and an insult to the citizens of Travis County. The late Congressman Jake Pickle's thirty one years of effective service is conclusive evidence of the value and clout produced by Travis County being represented by one US Congressman.

The Senate Select Committee on Redistricting will be held Friday, June 3rd in the Capitol Extension, Room E1.016 beginning at 9AM. This will be our chance to speak out against this map. Although I am recovering from surgery from fracturing my left knee cap in three pieces, I am planning on attending and will either speak or at least fill out a witness card in opposition to this abomination. Please join us if you can, this is a very important issue for all of Austin and Travis County.


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  1. House Committee on Redistricting Public Hearing
    House Committee on Redistricting Public Hearing

    Capitol Auditorium, E1.004

    Thursday 6/2/2011 at 10:45 AM

  2. We need more speakers for the Senate Redistricting Hearing tomorrow
    State Rep Naishtat, eastside community activist Gus Pena, and Deece Eckstein, Coordinator for Intergovernmental Relations for Travis County, did excellent jobs today in standing up for Travis County at today's House Redistricting Hearing. About 15 to 20 persons spoke on our concerns about of having our county cut up into five separate congressional districts.

    It appears tomorrow's hearing will be our last chance to make our views know before this issue is fought out in  the court system. Come help us fight for our local community of interest. Travis County needs and deserves its own Austin based congressional district. District 10 and District 25 should be the only congressional districts that Travis County has by any stretch of the imagination.

  3. Congressional Redistricting Plan is going to court
    The Senate Committee on Congressional Redistricting just adjourned at 3:51 PM. Your last chance to have citizen input on this before this train leaves the station is over. No discussion or formal vote was taken. The proposed map has gone back into the shadows from where it came.

    Sen. Watson did an excellent and concise presentation on the damage the proposed plan does to Travis County. I sat thru most of the House hearing yesterday. Only spent two hours today at the Senate hearing because my damaged left knee cap started throbbing. I had to leave and go in search of a pain pill. Watched the last part of the Senate hearing via the internet.

    This train wreck is headed to the court system. Hispanics in Tarrant, Dallas, and Harris Counties as well as South Texas and the Valley are very displeased with the map being considered.  

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