Governor Rick Perry Quotes Bush Guns Campus Keep Us Safer

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The Honorable Henry Cuellar Congressional Representative District 28th

I formally Request a congressional investigation and the criminal prosecution in a Federal court for threat and endangerment of my family which I have a paper trail, empirical evidence, eye witness, and experts.

My original complaint was covered up by Senator Cornyn; although, I trusted him and I gave him full access by written authorization – human research outside of protocol used as retaliation with great harm to me and my family.

My Story still the same and in public domain at this link


The Best Academic Source is a this link but there are others…

Send me the paper and I will sign for a congressional investigation but this time it should be done correctly and if anyone high or low or civilian that broke the law I expect to be indicted as requested on previous occasions.

No more games and I am still being tracked by domestic surveillance. You don't need pictures from me anymore, just ask them and you will see me waving at them on numerous occasions on their own video photographic equipment.

CC: U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder

        Office of The Inspector General

Gregory O'Dell 1290 Mc Coy Road Somerset Texas  78069 830-429-1965

An Open Letter to George W. Bush President 2000-2008

The Honorable George W. Bush President of the United States of America 2000-2008

RE: The Subject of My Care

“No Matter How Long It Takes, Justice Will Be Done (George W. Bush).”

Mr. President, I take you for your word. When will my family Have Justice? I have yet to receive an answer to my letter to you concerning three of your Secret Service Agents that threatened my elderly disabled father three times in 2008 a Korean War Silver Star Hero and Purple Heart Veteran.

On the third visit to our Texas Farm, one of your Secret Service Agents said “he would make it hard on our whole family” if we didn't do something about my brother who lives 150 miles from our home and we seldom see or are we responsible for his actions.

Every person that lives on our farm is ether elderly, disabled, or both and the subject of my care; yet I received no help from Human Health Services as if I was an enemy of the State of Texas!

I have been waiting for four long years for justice to be done. I have been targeted by Domestic Surveillance, gone to the FBI, Homeland Security, U.S. Senate, Congressional Representative, and finally a letter to The Honorable Barack Obama President of the United States and explained that they are wasting their time and valuable resources chasing me and a threat to my family, a U.S. Disabled Vietnam Veteran that has sworn to place his own body in harm's way of the executive branch, and is on call to suit up and show up if called to serve his country again for the rest of my life?

Four long years, I have been taking friendly fire from a Domestic Surveillance Program that is out of control justified by the 911 Patriot act!

When the Secret Service Says “They're going to make it hard on your whole family” believe me you can take them for their word too just like your word as if you sent them to our farm! I have been waiting for my Service Connected determination for over 9 years and taken advantage of all the opportunities Texas has to offer such as going back to school and earning a degree. I had a 4.0 grade average at the University of Texas until your SS employees showed up and my grade dropped to a 3.0.

Several family members including myself have been hospitalized, my brother has been beaten by the police on several occasions and my wife had a complete nervous breakdown to a point that she would not eat, drink, or communicate a causal effect of a Domestic Surveillance Program gone wild!

Most tragically, I attended school during the Virginia Tech Massacre, the Illinois Shooting,  and a shooting in my on home town library at San Antonio College all causally linked to domestic surveillance human research outside of protocol justified by the 911 Patriot Act.

Now our Governor has got the whole State of Texas up in arms solely for his political gain with the wrong solution that will allow concealed guns on Texas campuses that will only lead to more tragic senseless shootings. All though Texas Governor Rick Perry is known to bad mouth you and your administration, he now used your own words to get it passed through the Texas Senate, “It Will Keep Us Safer.”

In the name of God, are you and the Governor of Texas on Speaking terms and can you talk some sense into him by allowing the Office of Civil Rights to demonstrate the real reason for the spike in campus shooting to 100 fold in 2007  and convince him to veto legislation allowing concealed guns on Texas campuses?

I am a registered gun owner and support the second amendment and also support safe gun practices preached by the NRA! In California only criminals have guns. In Texas everybody has guns! The passage of the proposed legislation allowing concealed guns on campus will only lead to more senseless deaths.

In that case, we will all demand his resignation, and I suggest you ask him to stopped using your words “Keep Us Safer.”

“When even one American- who has done nothing wrong- is forced by fear to shut his mind and close his mouth, then all Americans are in peril (Harry Truman).”


Gregory O'Dell 1290 Mc Coy Road Somerset Texas 78069 830-429-1965


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