School-Saving Plan Voted Down in the Budget Debate Tonight

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There is  a shortage of solutions in the Capitol these days. Maybe so much so that Republican representatives didn't know one when they saw it tonight.

Representative Gallego presented a plan that would have allowed schools to stay open, save teachers' jobs, and keep children learning. The plan doesn't strip money away from any other program, and it doesn't raise taxes or create new taxes.

Instead, it would fund schools until 2013 – when the Legislature would be back in session. As they usually do, lawmakers would pass a supplemental spending bill to close the gap. At that time, they could take a look at funding those extra few months. Our revenue picture is improving: sales tax collections are up, and we have reason to believe the economy is improving.

Schools all over the state are threatened with closure, teachers are being fired, school boards don't know how they're going to pay the bills. They could use the reassurance that this innovative plan would bring – it's a shame that Republicans in the House didn't want to give them that.


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  1. Laughing
    Just clicked over to the proceedings and saw everybody laughing about some rep's motion to table and he lost that one. What a good time y'all are having down there in Austin. One of my friends who just learned she is going to lose her teaching job is crying tonight. Hope y'all keep that in mind next time you step up to the microphone to have some laughs.

  2. More Laughing
    Just seeing all those “elected” officials standing around like they're at a cocktail party. This is so sad for our state…this is no time for such casual demeanor. The pictures are worth at least a million words.

  3. Well There You Have It
    The one that just took the microphone needed help from at least 2 others to finish his statement. I'm glad everybody is having such a good Friday night in Austin. I hope they aren't planning to drive.  

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