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I recently renewed my notary commission and needed a new stamp. However, the prohibitive cost of ordering from the “notary” sites made me put it off for the time being.  I resorted to correcting the expiration date of my commission on each document I notarized. In my search to find a reasonable price for a new notary stamp, I found As soon as I opened up this website, I found the perfect replacement stamp for half what all the other sites were charging. Now, I call that a bonus!

Anyone who knows me will tell you I am not a “crafty” person but stamping is something I do enjoy. It is particularly fun during the holidays. Sitting at the table with my daughter making cards and decorating wrapping paper gives us an opportunity to spend some quality time together. It's fun to work together on homemade projects and the end result is always appreciated by the receiver. offers custom rubber stamps and offers self ink stamps. They offer a variety of custom and self inking stamps at heavily discounted prices. One of the best deals I found was easy to customize address stamps on sale for $2.99.  These are great for business and home use. In addition to your standard stamps, also offer holiday stamps, date stamps, teacher stamps and more.These are so easy to customize.With more and more new gadgets being released everyday, it's very easy to get caught up in the craze. We now have Apple, the Blackberry, advanced DSLRs, gaming PCs, and a lot more. Plus, shifting from one gadget to another is already very easy because of the wide range of products available. The only problem is the fact that modern technological equipment seem to be getting more expensive because of the advanced features they're equipped with. So, how do you enjoy the benefits of these gadgets on a limited budget? Well, we have one answer to that: coupons! Yes, folks, you heard that right. If you're like us here who are always on the lookout for ways to save on our purchase (yes, even on our gadgets!), you have surely used a coupon at one point in your life or another.

Over the years, some of the coupons we've used are grocery store coupons, brand coupons (especially on apparels), and even discount coupons on certain services (i.e. spa, haircut, and others). These coupons provide as high as 50% of discount. And when combined, these can translate to thousands of bucks in savings. And when it comes to our gadget, we've found the deals The site actually offers deals for all types of goods, but we love their gadget coupons over all others. Other than price discounts, some of these are even coupled with free shipping. And aside from their coupons, there are also an interaction page where users can ask for deals and tips from other consumers. With all these combined, you can get the best deals on your desired gadgets.

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