Sen. Uresti needs a primary opponent (and maybe some others do too)

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What with the Dan Patrick's sonogram bill probably hitting the Senate floor tomorrow and Texas women taking yet another step back towards the bad old days, some Dem. State Senators are certainly playing it coy with their constituents and their colleagues.  

Sen. Carlos Uresti's office got upwards to 150 calls from constituents yesterday urging him to stand with his colleagues against SB 16.  He's received calls from Dem. leaders from all over the state.  Sen. Mario Gallegos asked him personally to block SB 16 this week so he could be at the hospital when his daughter gave birth to a new grandbaby.

Uresti sought out the  support of the Planned Parenthood's C4 Action Fund in his district.  He's indicated he was extremely uncomfortable with the gross over-reaching by Sen. Patrick in SB 16.

Is he standing with his constituents?  Is he keeping his word?  Looks like no.

Redistricting is coming around and he's up in 2012.  I don't think you even need to live in the district to run in the primary the first election after redistricting.  Nonetheless the good people of Sen. Dist. 19 deserve better than this weasel posing as a Dem. State Sen.  There are women in this state that will work for a real Democrat in the primary.

Am I angry?  You bet I am.


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