Changes come to the House Democratic Campaign Committee

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With the loss of State Representative Jim Dunnam, the House Democratic Campaign Committee has begun to transition and prepare for the 82nd Legislative session.  Tarrant County's own, Lon Burnam, has been added to the HDCC Board and I think that is a great move on the part of Representatives Garnett Coleman and Pete Gallego.  

In a note from Rep. Burnam, which includes a message from Coleman and Gallego:

To continue the outstanding record of Member-leadership at the HDCC, we have asked Representative Lon Burnam to join our board. We can tell you that since the HDCC was formed, few Members have matched Lon's willingness to contribute both time and financial support to the organization.  Lon has dedicated many days at the HDCC office to donor call-time, and time and again has been willing to share his campaign funds — and his own campaign contributors — with the HDCC, so that the organization can better serve Members in tough primary and general election races.  We are excited to formalize Lon's role, and look forward to working closely with him.

With Democrats deeper in minority status come January, adding Representative Burnam to the leadership at the HDCC will bring an individual with tremendous knowledge, skills, and deep understanding of the tools that can be utilized by the caucus to limit the GOP from ramming too much bad legislation down the throat of Texans.  There's not a whole lot our caucus can do given how deep in the minority they are, but this move helps.  Lon is routinely singled out as the legislator who takes new members under his wing and teaches them the ways of the legislature.  As recognized by his colleagues above, Lon is also very good at fundraising and very willing to do the hard work necessary to win! He has spine and grit, which we know Democrats need a lot more of these days, not necessarily Texas Democrats, but it doesn't hurt having someone of Lon's capabilities helping us in 2011.      


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