Ed Lindsay Disputes Claim That Republicans Bought Texas Green Party

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I received the following e-mail today from Green Party Comptroller nominee Ed Lindsay. Under our Right to Respond policy I'm printing his response to my call for Democrats to skip voting Green this year. It is posted below in full without edits. 

Dear Mr. Musselman: 
How DARE you call me a “pawn” for the Republican Party! Anyone who knows me knows that I am not a “pawn” for anybody. 
I have not been,  nor am now, nor will be a “pawn” for any person, any organization, or, especially, a political party.  The reason I am in this race is to restore Honesty and Integrity in our State Government and to correct what has been going  wrong in the Comptroller's office. Plus, I don't believe in career politicians neither.   
Anyone who has  viewed my web site at www.newmenu.org/lindsay and has seen my qualifications and accomplishments knows that my principles are beyond reproach; and it is outrageous that you insult me by calling me a “pawn.”  This is disgraceful and shows a lack of integrity and honesty on your part. 
The REAL REASON that Republicans wanted a Green candidate on the State Ballot is NOT for the reason you cited on your Burnt Orange web site.  The Real Reason is that they wanted to draw some votes away from their Republican candidate for Governnor! You know this to be true and you should inform your readers as well.  . 
By the way, Bill White's father knows me very well; and he will be the first to tell you there is NO WAY that I would be a “pawn” for anybody. 
demand an apology on your web site! 
If you don't have the intestinal fortitude  to issue an apology, then at least print my retort on your Burnt Orange web site.  According to law and to the Texas Ethics Commission, I have the right to respond to any political attack; but I tried to post a reply on your web site and you apparently blocked me from doing so or even posting a blog. 
It really irks me that someone, like you, tries to impugn my integrity.
You should also admit to your readers that you are a staunch Democrat and oppose anyone who would give Democrats any competition 
Edward Lindsay  
U.T. Austin grad of 1963
Texas Green Candidate
for Comptroller of Public Accounts
5062 Tierney Ct. South 
Fort Worth, Texas 76112   

How could I be so blind to the real GOP strategy of placing the Green Party on the Texas ballot in order to draw votes away from the Republican nominee. My deepest apologies.  


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  1. Not a pawn, but…
    Lindsay's not a pawn for the GOP?  Oh really?  I think a better word is “running dog.”  That Chinese term is more descriptive, and is also more accurate!

  2. dear mr. lindsey
    go f yourself.

    if you aren't a pawn, you are a whore.

    i would, personally, prefer to be a pawn.

    me thinks the lady doth protest too much.

  3. Possible Perry/Lindsay conversation…
    Rick Perry: “Hey Ed, since you're our official running dog, why don't you howl for us-BOY!”

    Ed Lindsay: “Yes sir!  Owwwwwwooooooooooooooooooooooo!”

  4. Not making much sense
    “The REAL REASON that Republicans wanted a Green candidate on the State Ballot is NOT for the reason you cited on your Burnt Orange web site.  The Real Reason is that they wanted to draw some votes away from their Republican candidate for Governnor!”

    This doesn't make any sense.

    He may be an unwitting pawn but a pawn none the less.

  5. “Right to respond to any attack”
    “According to law and to the Texas Ethics Commission, I have the right to respond to any political attack…”

    Whose lawbooks have you been reading?   There is no “right” to do diddly squat in a political campaign.   If there was, there would be a hell of lot more response blogs, TV ads, and news stories.

    You are sadly out of touch with reality and lots more.  And that was a political attack.   So sue me.

  6. It really irks me that someone, like you, tries to impugn my integrity.
    Apparently Mr. Lindsay doesn't read BOR very often.

  7. I get it…
    …cos' we know we can't beat the Republican Party in Texas, well, the next best thing is to take out our frustration on the Green Party.  

    When we lose this cycle, it will not be because of the Green Party.  

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