Deposition of Bobby Phillips States That Erwin Cain Sold Cocaine

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Bobby Phillips, Jr. is the brother-in-law of Erwin Cain, the Republican candidate who is challenging State Reprsentative Mark Homer in House District 3. In the sworn deposition video posted below, Mr. Phillips states that he met Erwin Cain in October of 1977, when he was engaged to Erwin's sister, Gloria Cain. Erwin Cain was the best man at their wedding, which occurred in Longview, Texas. Mr. Phillips states that the two had a “pretty close friendship.”

The statements are backed up by the sworn testimony, which you can download a PDF of here. We also present the sworn deposition below as a matter of public record.

Attorney: What was he doing to make a living at the time?

Phillips: Selling drugs and vacuum cleaners.

Attorney: Well that's kind of an odd combination. Was one more prevalent than the other?

Phillips: I guess the drugs would be more prevalent.

Attorney: Did you ever see Mr. Erwin Cain sell drugs?

Phillips: Yeah, I've seen him deliver to his brother-in-law, to his brother, and to other people that came by the house when he was there.

[Intercedeing conversation about what kind of drugs were sold. Mr. Phillips says Erwin Cain's specialty was marijuana, and he sold drugs to make money. Mr. Phillips said he got to know Erwin's brother, Thomas, during the time he knew Erwin, that Erwin brought him about an ounce of weed to his bachelor party.]

Attorney: Do you know where Thomas Cain, Jr. is?

Phillips: In the grave.

Attorney: Do you remember about when he died?

Phillips: I think it was around '82, '83, somwhere in there?

Attorney: And do you know where he was when he died?

Phillips: He was in Houston.

Attorney: And do you know anything of the circumstances surrounding his death?

Phillips: My understanding he got some, he got an 8-ball from his brother…

Attorney: –which brother would that be?

Phillips: –Erwin. And he went to try and find a vein on my sister and couldn't find a vein on my sister so he gave it to himself and subsequently it killed him.

Attorney: What's the source of your information for that statement?

Phillips: My sister, Virginia.

Attorney: What is an 8-ball?

Phillips: I'm not for real sure, but I think it's like seven or eight grams of cocaine or meth or something like that.

Attorney: Just to clarify, and let me repeat — it's your statement that you have seen, in the past, a man you can identify as Erwin Cain use marijuana.

Phillips: Yes.

Attorney: Have you ever seen him use any other illegal substances?

Phillips: Seen him snort coke.

Attorney: Have you, and is it your statement also that you have seen him sell marijuana to someone?

Phillips: Yeah.

Attorney: And I'm not just talking about giving it to a friend to share a joint…

Phillips: No, I've seen money change hands.

Attorney: And has this been on one or more occassions?

Phillips: More occassions.

Attorney: Can you tell me where, can you remember any one specific instance in where it took place?

Phillips: It was usually just we used to go over to his house, me and my wife would go over to — he and Tommy lived together, and we'd go over there and people would come up to the house and he'd sell it to him.

Attorney: Have you seen an autopsy report that shows the cause of death of Thomas Edison Cain, Jr.?

Phillips: Yeah, I reviewed it.

Attorney: And what did it show to be the cause of death.

Phillips: Cocaine toxicity.

Attorney: And that would be consistent with what you'd seen years before.

Phillips: Yes.

Attorney: You have appeared here today for the purpose of making this statement of your own free will in the court have you not?

Phillips: Yes.

Attorney: Have you been promised anything of value by me or anyone else to make this statement?

Phillips: No.

Attorney: Why are you doing it?

Phillips: Because Erwin Cain just don't need to be in office. We got enough crooked people in office now.


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  1. Sketchy
    Why was this deposition taken? And the affidavit that was signed less than a month ago is related to what? Or this guy just decided to come public with this info, presumably because he wants to burn Erwin or loves Homer or whatever.  

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