Pete Sessions Backs Nazi Reenactor

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When the GOP picked Pete Sessions to chair the NRCC, residents of the gerrymandered 32nd congressional district wondered, “Has the Republican Party completely lost its mind?”  We broke out the popcorn, sat back, and waited for the GOP to implode.  Pete Sessions' latest lapse in judgement: backing a candidate who likes to dress up as a Nazi.Before Pete Sessions ever wrote a love note to Alan Stanford and justified gender inequality in insurance rates by comparing being female to being a smoker, he was famous in the district for his gaffes and errors in judgement.  Who among us will forget the time during a debate with Martin Frost when Pete called his own anti-Frost website by the wrong name–over and over–while Frost's campaign team bought the domain name and used it to highlight Sessions' less than stellar record in Congress?

We could've told the NRCC that putting Pete Sessions in charge would yield more in the way of comedy gold than contributions to the party.

The latest error in judgement is recruiting Rich Iott into the “Young Guns” program without, apparently, asking him if there's anything in his past that might come back to haunt him.  Turns out, there is:  Iott is in a World War II reenactment group, where he's on the side of the Nazis.  So, of course, Democrats dug up pictures of the GOP candidate in a Nazi uniform and plastered it everywhere.  If the NRCC is handing out gifts on a silver platter, might as well grab it, right?  Now, Iott, who's running against Democratic incumbent Marcy Kaptur, is having to explain to the press why he likes to dress up like a Nazi.  According to Iott it's father-son bonding thing.

Pete, Pete, Pete.  First the Taliban, now the Nazis.  Don't you like anybody on our side?


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  1. No cross-post at DKos or TX Kaos?
    Seems like Pete deserves more attention about his mis-deeds.

    He's still ducking, or just plain not showing up at debates with his opponenet or question sessions with constituents, right?

    Thanks for bringning Pete to more folks' attention.

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