Glenn Smith: The Struggle for Voting Rights in 2010

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Glenn Smith has written an excellent piece at Huffington Post I wanted to point everyone's attention to, titled, “The Struggle for Voting Rights in 2010.” It leads off:

It seems extraordinary that Americans must still struggle for their right to vote. A new group in Texas – the Diversity League of Houston – is leading the struggle there. More about this group in a moment. But it's staggering that after all these years there are still reactionary forces working to suppress the voting rights of those they suspect of opposing their radical, right-wing policies.

African-Americans were given the right to vote with 15th Amendment, ratified in 1870. After a century, many blacks were still barred from voting by lynch mobs, bigoted literacy tests, poll taxes and such. The Voting Rights Act was passed in 1965, adding further guarantees. Women in America were finally granted the franchise in 1920. And yet the struggle continues election after election as right-wing thugs take to the streets (and to the offices of their co-conspirators among voter registration officials) to deny the franchise to qualified American citizens.

Last month I posted a piece at HuffPost detailing the lies of a group in Houston, Texas – the King Street Patriots — who have raised a substantial anti-voting rights war chest. Conspiring with the Harris County voter registrar, Leo Vasquez, the group doctored photos and made up stories about people registered to a vacant lot. It is all part of a plan to deny the right to vote to American citizens.

The group unveiled its plan just prior to a suspicious fire that destroyed all of Harris County's voting machines. There's still no word on whether the fire was intentionally set.

The group, the Diversity League of Houston, has put up an excellent video everyone should watch:


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  1. I wish I had won the lottery and could run that video
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