Keith Hampton Builds Bipartisan Support

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Keith Hampton, Democratic nominee for Place 6 on the statewide Court of Criminal Appeals, has been endorsed by a bipartisan group of twelve former Texas Court of Criminal Appeals staff attorneys from across the state. Citing Mr. Hampton's extensive criminal law experience and lifelong commitment to justice for all, the group of six former staff attorneys to Republican judges and six to Democratic judges put partisanship aside in favor of what is best for the Texas judicial system.

“I am very honored to have gained the trust of such a highly respected group of attorneys,” Hampton said “The bipartisan nature of this group alone is so encouraging.  I take from their vote of confidence that those people who know the Court of Criminal Appeals the best see that it needs change, regardless of party.”

The list includes former staff attorneys to Republican Court of Criminal Appeals Judges Barbara Hervey, Cheryl Johnson, Mike McCormick, and Lawrence Meyers; and Democratic CCA Judges Charlie Baird, Sam Houston Clinton, Leon Douglas, Rusty Duncan, and Chuck Miller. The full list of endorsing attorneys is below the fold.

Hampton was also endorsed by the Dallas Morning News last week.  Casey Ashmore, former briefing attorney, Judge Barbara Hervey (R)

Mike Charlton, former briefing attorney, Judge Leon Douglas (D)

Bob Ford, former briefing attorney, Judge Mike McCormick (R)

Raman Gill, former briefing attorney, Judge Lawrence Meyers (R)

Rick Hagen, former briefing attorney, Judge Rusty Duncan (D)

Linda Icenhauer-Ramirez, former research attorney, Judge Mike McCormick (R)

Amy Martin, former briefing attorney, Judge Cheryl Johnson (R)

Jani Masselli, former staff attorney, Judge Charlie Baird (D)

Chris Morgan, former briefing attorney, Judge Sam Houston Clinton (D)

Robin Norris, former research attorney, Judge Lawrence Meyers (R)

David Smith, former briefing attorney, Judge Sam Houston Clinton (D)

Gary Taylor, former briefing attorney, Judge Charlie Baird (D)


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