HD-102: Stefani Carter Lies AGAIN! And AGAIN! Two More Lies from Counterfeit Carter

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Ed. note: For more on this race, read the Texas Political Report – HD 102: Rep. Carol Kent (D) vs. Stefani Carter

I wrote in the Texas Political Report that:

If there is a worse Republican candidate running in a “challenge race” for the Texas House, I don't know who that would be. Consider the following:

Since then, we've learned of at least two more lies from Counterfeit Carter:

  1. “Official records show that Carter 'Did Not Meet' the minimum requirements of a misdemeanor prosecutor”

    Counterfeit Carter has proven to have lied about her résumé before. Now the latest, from the Lone Star Project:

    For months, Stefani Carter has presented herself as an aggressive and competent former prosecutor and has touted her experience in the Collin County DA’s office as a qualification to serve in the Texas Legislature. Once again, Carter’s claims are simply untrue.

    Employee records obtained by the Lone Star Project show that Stefani Carter’s performance was so weak that she “Did Not Meet” the minimum standards required by the Collin County DA’s office. While Carter continuously portrays herself as “tough on crime,” she actually convicted criminals in less than 62% of the misdemeanor cases she tried – the minimum threshold for a misdemeanor prosecutor in Collin County. This rate is determined in part by the regional average of convictions in Dallas, Tarrant and Denton counties. She also left her job as a assistant prosecutor after just a year to take a higher paying job.

     Read the supporting documents at the Lone Star Project.

  2. Counterfeit Carter claims endorsement from Garland Mayor she never received

    This one is just ridiculous. Carter released the following press release:

    Garland Mayor Ronald Jones has endorsed Republican challenger Stefani Carter in the election for Texas House District 102 in Dallas County.

    The Mayor of Garland then had his own e-mail in responce which he sent to Quorum Report:

    “In my role as the Mayor of Garland, I strongly believe it is not appropriate to get involved in partisan campaigns.  My job is to advocate for the people of Garland, and not distract our mission with partisan rhetoric.  I am not endorsing Stefani Carter in this race as reported in several media outlets, and will not make any endorsement in this, or any other partisan races.  I regret that my earlier communication with Ms. Carter has created this distraction.”

    And, finally, Rep. Carol Kent's campaign released their statement on this ridiculous lie from Carter:

    “This episode is yet another example where Ms. Carter is simply unable to or refuses to get the most basic of facts straight,” said Kent Campaign manager Phil Lovegren. “The fact that she is falsely using the good name of one of our esteemed public officials is not surprising.”

Stefani Carter — when will the lying stop?


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