Yes He Can: Rick Perry Makes Texas Sick

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H/T to TX Sharon for her tireless efforts and determination to bring drilling reform to Texas and for giving those within and outside of her community a ray of hope in the daunting battle that confronts each and every one of us. The map at the end of TX Sharon's diary over at Daily Kos tells us the very ugly, sickly and heartbreaking stories imposed by hydraulic fracturing across the U.S.

Please head on over to Daily Kos to give TX Sharon a little support.  Yes he can. Rick Perry will continue to lie about his “balanced budget.”

Here in Houston, Rick Perry continues to run ads that are packed full of lies.

Rick Perry said he has  

balanced the budget.

Apparently everyone except for Rick Perry and his groupies know that the Governor has racked up a $21 billion budget shortfall.

Yes he can.  Rick Perry will always give big polluters a pass to pollute. No he does not care about the consequences that toxic air imposes upon the health and well-being of nearby residents. According to our Governor: Hey, if you have a job and a few bucks, be happy folks. You can always go to an ER to get fixed up. Can't afford it?  Sorry, it ain't my problem.  

Rick Perry to Texas:  Don't Get Sick.

Yes he can.  Rick Perry will continue to wimp out on border security.  He's done it for the last nine years because his sugar daddy donors like cheap labor. Why would he change?  After all, we all know how hard it is to teach old dogs new tricks.      

Yes he can.  Rick Perry will continue to let insurance companies run roughshod over Texans. There is no reason to believe he'd change his long term record of sucking up to big insurance while throwing its customers into the ditch.

No he can't if Bill White stops Rick Perry from his ruthless and reckless policies that do far more to hurt rather than help the people of Texas.

GOTV. Ignore the polls and the pundits.  It's not over until the polls close and the votes are counted.  

We know what we have to do.  


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