Rick Perry's Desire for National Office Escalates

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The national ambitions of Rick Perry continue to escalate in dramatic fashion just as Texans begin to question the governor's lackluster stewardship of the Lone Star State over the last decade.  

While Rick Perry saddles Texans with a conservative estimate of $18 billion dollars in debt, higher utility bills, an underperforming public education system, and escalating homeowner insurance rates, Rick continues to flirt with a run for national office.  

This week Perry, who continues to dodge Texas editorial boards, reporters, and media given that they ask too many “silly questions,” spoke before a gathering of the National Conference of Editorial Writers.  Before we talk about the conference, Texas media is not happy that Rick Perry continues to avoid them.  Take a look at KSAT in San Antonio's direct ask of Rick, “What is he avoiding?”  But with regards to the National Conference of Editorial Writers, and like a growing number of Texans these days, the writers walked away tremendously unimpressed with Rick Perry.  A letter from the Chair of the organization encapsulated the comments of national writers and editors in the following way:

Letter to Gov. Rick Perry

September 23, 2010

Dear Gov. Perry:

The National Conference of Editorial Writers was stunned and disappointed today when you spoke at our luncheon and did not take questions.

Had it been due to a tight schedule, we would have understood. But, clearly, you had ample time to work the room by shaking hands both before and after your talk. You also gave an extended interview before TV cameras in the hallway, in full view of NCEW members for whom you indicated you had no more time.

This is an affront to any notion of civil discourse, such as the kind you have called for on other occasions.

We believe you and your staff have been disingenuous in the characterization of your schedule. If you had hoped to make a positive impression on this national press group, I must tell you that you utterly failed.


Tom Waseleski

NCEW President


This is not the first time that the Burnt Orange Report has pointed out Rick Perry's growing ambitions to move beyond the Texas Governor's race and focus more on a run for national office.  Just as Perry's book entitled “Fed Up” is getting ready to hit bookshelves across America, Texans are standing up and repeating the title to Perry's book–only they are directing their ire at the career politician himself.  

Texans are “Fed Up” over Rick Perry's desire to bring Texas down and abuse its prestige for self-political gain.  Texans are “Fed Up” with a career politician and his staff-lobbyist-staff rotating through Austin.  Finally, Texans are just plain “Fed Up” with Rick Perry's debt ridden stewardship of the Lone Star State.

If Rick Perry wants to run for national office then let him do it.  Send him packing on an early campaign trip around the United States talking about his problem-causing skills here in Texas and how great those skills would be in Washington.  There is no sense in giving someone four more years as governor when they aren't capable of defending the last ten.  It's time to end Rick's rein over Austin and restore integrity to state government.  


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  1. What is most important …

    is that the Mainstream Media Outlets in Texas, not only hold Perry's feet to the fire over not speaking to the media, but that they explain to the voters the questions he is not answering.  I think the after voter does not care if they media's feelings are hurt.   I do think the average voter will care if they understand Perry is not answering how he will fix Texas' problems.

    Perry thinks that Tea Party anger is only Anti-Washington Anger or Anti-Obama anger.  He is wrong.  Too a large extent it is an anti-incumbent and anti-arrogance anger.  

    Democrats and Obama being in charge while the fire is put out meansthey are catching the brunt of the anger.  But the Tea Party people I know and talk with do not like Perry.  Dodging questions will not help him with this crowd.

    While Perry has tried masterfully to use the Tea Party anger and use it for himself, his arrogance of not answering questions, nor providing a blue print for getting out of a $21 Billion hole, fixing our schools and maintaining our roads, will lose him a lot of Tea Party/Debra Medina type voters, who were already leaning against Perry and frankly assert that they do not see any difference between Perry and White.  Although few Tea Party/GOP types have said they will vote White, many whom I know will vote have said they will skip the Governor's race or vote libertarian out of protest.

    So far, White's media buys have been very good and his campaign has been well run.  Certainly White has been available to receive questions.

    Oh how sweet a White win would be!

  2. I thought I had had this thought on my own,
    about Perry's Presidential aspirations,a and when I have floated the ideas on DKos, people poo-poo it.  I posted a diary there earlier this week, and would like to re-post here.  I don't know if I have had any real original thoughts, but wouldd like to share the ideas.


    I have put it in as a draft, but see no where to “post” (sorry, I usually read here, but don't post).  Help?  

  3. Seriously
    Will Rick Perry really want to live in that awful White House? But second thought…is he ambitious for office…or for his next pool and cabana?

    Priority One for Rick Perry:  A nice mansion where he can swim and play!

    • Swim and play
      with his billion/millionaire sugar daddies by invitation only.   Rick Perry won't talk to reporters, he refuses to debate Bill White and he turned tail and fled from the recent National Conference of Editorial Writers.  The only ones that the Governor will talk to are his hand picked circle of groupie worshipers.  This seems to be a pattern in the entire Republican Party.  I guess their puppet masters want to keep 'em all on a short leashes b/c their agendas are so batshit crazy that if folks figure it out they would realize that electing any of them would be a complete disaster with long term consequences.  

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