Mike Rogers Publicly Challenges Rick Perry to Debate on Gay Equality

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Mike Rogers has been named one of the most feared men in Washington D.C. He is a person few know or have heard about, but typically hypocritical elected officials try to avoid. Tuesday, Mike Rogers made his presence felt in Texas.

Rogers visited the Beaumont Enterprise online, September 7th, and for the first time ever, announced a point of research and curiosity.

He wrote:

This rhetorical question by Governor Perry is ridiculous. Let me see if I follow here. Texas doesn't allow marriage equality, and as a result, Texas has a lot of jobs to offer people?

There's the anti-gay legislation, the bluster about being a “big, tough guy,” and the challenge in the national media to “Come and Take It.” What is up with that last one? I guess it depends on what your definition of “it” is.

I have to say that I take all the gay bashing and macho bluster from Governor Perry as a direct personal affront. In 26 years of my work, I've never taken this step before, but I will now. Governor Perry, I accept your challenge for one of us to “come and take it” when it comes to getting to the bottom of exactly who you are. Let's debate…I am sure I can show you how equality will help your state's income….and from my recent trip to Texas, well you could use an economic boost right now/

Roger's is well known for fighting against hypocrisy and confirming rumor.  As recently as last month, Ken Mehlman, George W. Bush campaign chief and former RNC Chair, announced he was coming out of the closet. The reason?

Mike Rogers.

“Mehlman once joked in public that although he was not gay, the rumors put a crimp on his social life.”

“Mehlman, who has never married, long found his sexuality subject to rumor and innuendo. He was the subject of an outing campaign by gay rights activist Mike Rogers, starting when Mehlman was Bush's campaign manager. Rogers's crusades against closeted gay Republicans split the organized gay lobby in Washington but were undoubtedly effective: he drove several elected officials, including Virginia Rep. Ed Shrock, from office, pushed out a would-be presidential campaign manager for George Allen well before Allen was set to run, slung rumors about Sen. Larry Craig's sexual orientation well before Craig's incident in a Minneapolis airport bathroom, and even managed to make homosexuality a wedge issue within the party's activist circles.

“In 2006, Rogers caught up to Mehlman and asked him why he gave “so many confusing answers to social conservatives about your homosexuality,” and followed up by asking whether Mehlman knew of a man who Rogers had claimed was Mehlman's secret partner. Mehlman denied to Rogers that he had given conflicting answers and said that the man in question was a law school classmate.”

The line was typical.

“Ken Mehlman is not gay,” Steve Schmidt, a senior official of the Bush campaign told Jake Tapper, an ABC News correspondent who wrote the piece for the magazine.

The point here isn't to speculate, we did that once in 2004, the point is to simply say that a man with a proven track record of calling out LGBT hypocrisy has, for the first time, called out his next target.

With less than 60 days and polls narrowing, Mike Rogers is not the person you want digging around in your past or present. If there is something to find, he has a pretty solid track record of finding it. To quote Rick Perry, “let's roll”.


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  1. Please…
    You need to be careful with the gay-baiting. There's lots of “politically correct” Republicans and Democrats who will vote for Rick Perry just because of the gay-baiting. The way they voted for Annise Parker in Houston.

    Of course the White campaign may not have much left to toss out there given that Annise Parker just tossed Bill White under the train so to speak blaming him for the disaster that Metro has become as a result of his leadership and the leadership of his appointments. Guess he should have endorsed her for mayor.

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