Republican Stefani Carter Goes Dirty to Mislead HD-102 Voters

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In a sign of a desperate, dirty, and floundering campaign, Republican Stefani Carter launched a false and misleading attack against Representative Carol Kent in an effort to hide from her own plagiarized, dishonest, and highly misleading record.

Tension rose when Republican Carter accused the incumbent Kent of a legal, common, and bi-partisan action where legislators use campaign and state allocated funds to defray costs of serving in an elected capacity. Both the Republican and Democratic Chairs of their respective caucuses issued a joint statement defending the action as a legal and common practice to defray costs of serving.

Undoubtedly Republican Carter's bizarre and misleading attacks on Representative Kent are in response to a floundering campaign in which the challenger's own law firm endorsed Representative Carol Kent. How terrible of a campaign must one run if even your own employer won't endorse you?  Carter is apparently writing the manual on running such a campaign.  

As the final sprint toward November begins Republican Stefani Carter feels gutter politics is the most appealing way to get elected.  HD-102 voters stand ready to prove her wrong.


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  1. Wow.
    I hadn't seen that video of her stump speech…just wonder how in the world someone advising her thought this was a good idea.  Giving her the benefit of the doubt, of course, that she didn't think of this herself!

    Candidates for anything Republican in Texas should beware of the advice they receive from the Texas GOP…it could help end any hope they ever have of being in politics! Yay!

  2. The truth needs to be out there

    1) The action of using Campaign Funds for living expenses incurred by state representatives that the limited per diem is unable to cover is NOT “Double Dipping”.  Double Dipping is what Joe Driver did when using both state funds and campaign funds for the same expense and pocketing the extra pay.  Stefani Carter is calling it “Double Dipping” in a poor attempt to paint Carol Kent in the same light as soon to be felon Joe Driver.

    2) Carol Kent did NOT use Campaign Funds to cover those expenses even.  She personally paid for those living expenses above the amount the per diem covered.  Even though using Campaign Funds is legal per Texas law, she chose not to go that route.

    All of that information is available in Carol Kent's required public filings.  Unfortunately, her opponent Stefani Carter is hoping that no one even bothers to easily find that information.

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