Billboard on I-35 demonizes Obama as a “socialist”

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The demonization campaign is in full swing in Texas.

Location: View southbound from Interstate Hwy 35 just north of exit 315, town of Bruceville, TX

Question: How is the Earned Income Tax credit (EITC) pioneered by Richard Nixon, Treasury Secretary Connally (a Texan), and Economist Milton Freedman less "socialist" than Obama's stimulus plan that simply routes money to "shovel ready projects" in the states to reduce the "pro-cyclical" impact of reduced state government spending? The EITC is a shameless form of wealth transfer, almost like the "Negative Income Tax" (NIT) Freedman advocated along with his flat tax. Yet, there is an effort to demonize Obama for a stimulus plan less shamelessly "Socialist" than the Nixon-Connally-Freedman program?



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  1. Why Bruceville?
    What's up with that? It's disgusting…but thanks for the heads up. Those billboards are very expensive!! Looks like it may be from the Tea Party Crowd since the same picture is being used up there in Iowa.

    I guess the Tea Party Crowd doesn't mind being the front for these very rich people.

    • Anti-Obama billboard appears coordinated with a second
      billboard showing simply an American flag. The implication, as usual, is that Obama is unAmerican, alien, etc.

      The photo is mounted on a Keller billboard. The very next billboard (visible south bound on the East side of the freeway) is a Lamar billboard showing nothing but a huge American flag with no words, captions, or anything else.  

    • No similarity to Iowa sign

      The Iowa sign was designed by a blabber mouth who doesn't know when to stop adding stuff to his art work.

      The Texas sign is very austere and simple. It couldn't be the work of the same people.

      The intended effect is the same, for sure. But it is the difference between amateur and professional marcom.  

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