Carol Kent Endorsed by Opponent's Boss!

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A lesson on how to show you aren't a serious, qualified, or legitimate candidate, have your staff endorse your opponent.

Apparently if you know and work with Stefani Carter, it only makes you want to support Democratic incumbent Carol Kent even more. The Dallas Morning has the blurb here.

Republican Stefani Carter, a lawyer at the Sayles Werbner law firm in Dallas, won't have the support of her bosses in the District 102 House race.

The firm's co-founders, Richard “Dick” Sayles and Mark Werbner, have endorsed Democrat and incumbent Carol Kent for the seat. They have also given Kent campaign donations.

“Carol Kent is one of the most effective voices that North Texans have in Austin,” Sayles said in a news release from the Kent campaign.

House District 102 is one of the races the Republican Party says in play. It's not. Carol Kent will be in Austin for a sophomore session. If co-workers won't even stick with you, how are you going to convince voters you are qualified. Carter can't and that's why she is going to lose November.


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  1. Not co-workers/staff… bosses!
    Sayles and Werbner are not Stefani Carter's co-workers or staff, they are her bosses.  They are the named partners at the law firm where she works.  I doubt Stefani Carter has any staff at all.

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