More Data: Rick Perry Still a Slouch

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After reviewing his 2010 schedule, observers concluded that the governor only officially worked 7 hours per week in the first part of 2010.  Perry, meanwhile, insisted that he worked 24/7. Supporters of his chastised the methods for determining Part-Time Perry's laziness.

Perhaps, after all, it was just a bad sample? He has been campaigning for reelection, and that's a busy job.

But the Bill White campaign looked at his 2009 schedule, too. I guess without campaigning, the governor works a tad bit harder.

Rick Perry's official schedules for 2009, released today, show that he worked an estimated average 11 hour work week in 2009.

In 250 business days, Part-Time Perry had 65 days off, with no official work time, events, meetings or calls. He also took 27 long weekends.

Woohoo. 11 hours a week. That's still lower than a few voters work in a day. It's not at all impressive.

And as a Texan, it's still damn embarrassing.

Now, some still say that schedules are deceiving. And it's true; most public officials probably work a bit more than their schedules indicate. Not 3 or 4 times more, though. Even if he's working twice as much as his schedule indicates, he's still Part-Time Perry.  Part-Time Perry is now data-tested, and the results are in. Yuck.

Notice that the Rick Perry campaign hasn't taken a public records request from the Mayor of Houston's office and paraded around Bill White's schedule. Workaholic Bill.


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  1. As for debates…
    I haven't looked it up myself, but Perry has participated in debates in the past, right? I know that there's a quote running around about “why not 12?” but I've not seen a list of debates he's participated in, and for which offices. I'd love to see that.

    Anybody have that information available?

    If I only had to work 11 hours a week, I'd have time to do the research myself.  Sadly, I've got to put in at least 40, like most of the rest of us.

  2. Well…
    He is fortunate to have a job in this kind of economy. With the nation's unemployment rate ~10%, he's putting more hours than a lot of people.

    Where's the 400,000 jobs Pelosi and Co. promised after Obamacare passed?

    And how about gov't spending and its alleged “job creation” – I thought the stimulus was supposed to…you know…WORK.

    Say what you will about Rick Perry…but I'll be damned if Dems think they've got room for a holier than thou sort of attitude when it comes to employment.

      • But
        you still never told me where the 400,000 jobs are.

        Or why the stimulus was an epic fail.

        Yeaaaaaaah…you can keep the “change”, I'll stick to the guys who aren't as prone to outrageous deficit spending.

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